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Newport Festival Record Attendance

Since it’s conception 54 years ago the Newport Folk festival has boasted some very impressive musicians, such as Johnny Cash, Bob Seger and Bob Dylan. Over the years it has been home to rock, jazz, blues and many other genres. …

Coma Request: Bob Seger Concert Wish Granted
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A Michigan woman who was in a coma for over five years has had her waking request granted: she has gone to a Bob Seger concert. According to a report from CBS news station WNEM, a woman named Evie Branon, …

Bob Seger Robbed At Daughter’s House Party Bob Seger Robbed At Daughter’s House Party
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Besides being the only man not currently working on HGTV who would make my mom leave my dad, Bob Seger is apparently a pretty cool guy. His personal collection of awesome stuff includes a 1978 autographed Les Paul guitar and …