Bob Seger Robbed At Daughter's House Party

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Besides being the only man not currently working on HGTV who would make my mom leave my dad, Bob Seger is apparently a pretty cool guy. His personal collection of awesome stuff includes a 1978 autographed Les Paul guitar and some signed Shaq shoes, which are not items everyone can boast about.

Regretfully, that fact didn't go unnoticed when Seger's teenage daughter had some friends over for a party recently. 20-year old Andrew Thompson grabbed several items after the party was over and made off with them, only turning himself in when the police began questioning him. Although the guitar mysteriously turned up later outside the home, Thompson claims he didn't steal it, but admits to taking the other items.

According to Seger, Thompson is a longtime friend of the family. Why he would suddenly decide to steal from the musician is currently being investigated; he was charged with larceny and faces up to four years in prison, although he is currently out on bond.

Amanda Crum
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