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Arnold Schwarzenegger Supports Young Athletes

Arnold Schwarzenegger was in Columbus, Ohio this weekend, supporting a large group of athletes at the Greater Columbus Convention Center for the Arnold Sports Festival on Saturday. 18,000 athletes competed in 50 different sporting events including bodybuilding, table tennis, arm …

Yahoo Provides Means for “Easy” Mobile Site Creation
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Earlier this year Yahoo announced that the Yahoo Blueprint Platform was being extended from  several hundred mobile devices in several thousand. Now the company has opened it up to third party developers.

The BluePrint is a platform on which developers can create mobile websites. It uses simple XML, and is the same technology Yahoo used to build oneSearch and the Yahoo.com mobile home page.

Blueprint’s Paper Edition Abandoned

If you’re not familiar with Martha Stewart’s Blueprint, well . . . you’re not likely to become better acquainted.  A digital version should live on, but the magazine will cease to be a standalone publication.

How Not To Do A Sales Call
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Sales isn’t an easy gig. Cold calls can be a pain. But there’s an art to the sales call which involves knowing how to build rapport with a lead. It also involves not calling your lead "stupid." 

Your Writing Blueprint

Rich guy T. Harv Eker recently wrote a book called Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. In it, he says each of us has a financial blueprint that was imprinted on us by our parents and grandparents in their spoken and unspoken messages about money. In other words, we tend to replicate the money habits we learned in our youth. So what does that have to do with copywriting?

Blueprint Ethics Code For The Profession

One thing I’ve frequently commented about in this blog is ethics in the communication profession. Or, rather, about the lack of an authoritative and cohesive voice that speaks on ethics on behalf of the profession.

Fact: Start a Business without a Masterplan for Success and Youre 95% Certain to Fail!

Fact: Only 5% of People Who Start a Business Make it into Year 6.

Create A Blueprint For Your Success

Having a strong foundation enables you to build a thriving, profitable life and business. A simple method to create this foundation is with Discovery, Vision, Planning and Benchmarking, the four cornerstones of your life as well as your business.

Blueprint To Ecourse Profits!

“What an ambitious article title” you say…

But what little things you learn here will clearly be beneficial, IF you have not utilise this method of email marketing before.

Your 2002 PR Plan Blueprint

Incorporate the ideas below into your 2002 PR strategy. Declare yourself an expert. Back it up with your knowledge.