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WordPress Blogs Get New Comment Stats WordPress Blogs Get New Comment Stats
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Bloggers that operate WordPress.com blogs can now see who’s commenting the most on their blog and what posts they’re commenting on by looking at Site Stats. There’s a new comments panel that provides tabs for top commenters, most commented and …

TechCrunch Says TechCrunch “As We Know It” May Be Over TechCrunch Says TechCrunch “As We Know It” May Be Over
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Popular tech blog TechCrunch, which was acquired by AOL about a year ago appears to be in major turmoil, following news late last week that founder Michael Arrington is likely out of the company after launching CrunchFund, venture capital fund. …

Michael Arrington and AOL: What They’re Saying Michael Arrington and AOL: What They’re Saying

Update: Arrington is “not employed by Aol” according to this report quoting a Huffington Post spokesperson. Update 2: Peter Kafka at AllThingsD is reporting that Arrington is indeed an AOL employee, though he no longer works for AOL’s Huffington Post …

Blogger Redesign Available for Opt In Blogger Redesign Available for Opt In

Google has launched a redesign of Blogger, its popular blogging platform. Now, users can create or edit posts with one click at the top of the screen whether they’re on the dashboard or settings page of blogger.com. The post editor …

Google Algorithm Testing – Search Giant Calls for Help Detecting Scrapers Google Algorithm Testing – Search Giant Calls for Help Detecting Scrapers
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Google announced that it is testing algorithmic changes for scraper sites – blog scrapers in particular. The company is calling on users to help them. “We are asking for examples, and may use data you submit to test and improve …

90′s Nickelodeon Gets Fan Art Tumblr, Nicktoons Turn 20 90′s Nickelodeon Gets Fan Art Tumblr, Nicktoons Turn 20

Nostalgia is a funny thing. It has the ability to turn mediocre things into paragons of entertainment and can force reverence of things not worthy of such an emotion. Basically, it’s terrible when you go back to things you loved …

Yahoo Adds Blog Search to Search BOSS Yahoo Adds Blog Search to Search BOSS

Yahoo announced today that it has added Blog Search (in beta) to Yahoo Search BOSS, the company’s “Build Your Own Search Service” open search and data platform. “Developers looking for a blog search API often find the APIs that do …

Official Google+ Blog Nonexistent, But This Serves the Same Purpose Official Google+ Blog Nonexistent, But This Serves the Same Purpose
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You know how Google has official blogs for many of its products – or at least areas of focus? You have the Official Google Blog, the Gmail Blog, the Google Mobile Blog, the Google Lat Long Blog, the Google Research …

Google News Changes Launched, Blog Filtering Enabled Google News Changes Launched, Blog Filtering Enabled
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Google launched some new features for Google News today. The most obvious change is that on the front page, after the top section, you will no longer immediately see story clusters, but rather a single article from a single source, …

WordPress Hacked, Advice: Use a Strong Password WordPress Hacked, Advice: Use a Strong Password
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Automattic and WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg announced today that their servers have been hacked, and source code compromised. Specifically, Automattic had a “low-level (root) break-in” to several servers. He said that “potentially anything on those servers could have been revealed.” …

iPad WordPress Plugin Makes Sites Tablet-Friendly
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WordPress announced today that it has been working with Onswipe on a new WordPress plugin that makes sites more iPad-friendly or in their words, “reimagined for a touch experience”. OnSwipe is a platform that helps publishers make their content more …

Blogger Outreach Lessons Learned From Recent Pitches I’ve Received
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Over the last year or so, I’ve received a number of pitches around my blog. Surprising to me, really. I guess I still think of this blog as a place where I merely share my thoughts on the digital marketing …

Blogger Gets “Follow By Email” Feature
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Google’s Blogger has launched a new feature called “follow by email”. The feature is pretty self-explanatory really. It lets users follow blogs via email. It’s a great idea that should’ve been implemented years ago. “Fresh content is the fuel that …

Facebook Launches New and Improved Comments Plugin For Content Sites
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Facebook has launched a new version of its comments plugin, adding features like the use of social signals to order comments based on quality, improved moderation tools, the ability to add different log-in options, and better sharing of comments. 

MyBlogLog Coming to An End
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Yahoo is shutting down MyBlogLog, a service acquired by the company a few years ago, that lets you see who’s been visiting your blog. It’s been known for quite some time that it would happen, but users received an email today setting the date. It said: 

You have been identified as a customer of Yahoo! MyBlogLog. We will officially discontinue Yahoo! MyBlogLog effective May 24, 2011. Your agreement with Yahoo!, to the extent that it applies to the Yahoo! MyBlogLog, will terminate on May 24, 2011.

Engadget Editor: AOL Has Its Heart in the Wrong Place with Content
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Outsiders have been wondering how all of the content properties AOL has been buying up will hold up as part of the media giant. Engadget has been part of AOL for quite a while, having been purchased in 2005 – some time before AOL’s real push for mass content, most recently punctuated by its purchase of The Huffington Post.

AOL’s strategy appears to be taking its toll on some of its content producers. Engadget Editor Paul Miller announced his resignation last night, and left no room for speculation about the reason. 

Blogs That Make The Most Money Put Content First
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If you want to generate more advertising revenue and affiliate income from your blog, this post is just for you!

I visited a blog earlier, which had Google adwords inserted several times into the post I was hoping to read.  The sidebar was auto-running video ads, which were extremely distracting.  This combined to make the site look cheap and caused me to rethink the quality of the content.  5 seconds after arriving, I was on another site.

TechCrunch Not Worried About Stepping On AOL Toes

TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington hasn’t been afraid of pissing off AOL since the company acquired the popular tech blog late last year. 

Earlier this month, Arrington waged a blog war of sorts against fellow AOL tech blog Engadget, which drew a lot of media attention, and got other tech bloggers asking questions like, "How long will Mike Arrington possibly last as an AOL employee?"

Blogging – In Decline or Just Evolution?
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There’s been a bit of commentary and opinion in recent weeks that blogging (meaning, written content longer than just a paragraph or two) as we know it is dying or even already dead when compared to the rise of Facebook and Twitter (meaning, very short content like the 140-character posts of Twitter).

How to Write When Guest Blogging
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So many people are guest blogging these days. It is almost a cliché to say that once the masses get a-hold of something, they cheapen it. Sadly, the cliché is often true. So it is with guest blogging. I regularly receive offers to guest blog from people who have no clue what they are doing …which generally is wasting my time and theirs. So, here are the Golden Rules of Guest Blogging:

Know Thy Blog

Should Content Providers Stop Allowing Anonymous Comments?
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Facebook product design manager Julie Zhuo contributed an op-ed piece to the New York Times, which calls for content providers to stop allowing for anonymous comments on their content, in an effort to maintain accountability for what is said. 

This is not a new subject, nor an easy one, and despite Zhuo taking a clear stance on it, she does present both sides of the debate: accountability vs. privacy and freedom of expression.