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Technorati Releases State of the Blogosphere

It’s kind of astonishing how swiftly society can shift these days. In 2005, when I started covering this industry, the guys at the local pub would look over the tops of their sports sections with blank or puzzled faces if you uttered the word “blog.”

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BlogWorld Expo: State of the Blogosphere Address

BlogWorldWebPronews anchor Abby Prince-Johnson was present for the State of the Blogosphere Address and Opening Keynote session at BlogWorld on Saturday.

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BlogWorld: Dave Taylor Explains How We Got Here

The answer to the question “Where are we going?” has never been so uncertain. That’s probably not true, what I just said—likely every generation walks that line of dread. Our generation, if we were to follow Dave Taylor, would end up where he did eventually—at some future crossroads equally uncertain—but we’d surely arrive there by different roads.

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Google Co-Founder Gets Personal

Sergey BrinGoogle Co-founder Sergey Brin has started a new personal blog called simply – Too. "While Google is a play on googol, too is a play on the much smaller number – two," writes Brin. "It also means ‘in addition’, as this blog reflects my life outside of work."

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Google Looking for A Larger Presence in Asia?

Google has acquired Korean "blog specialty" company TNC (Tatter and Company). Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.


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Yahoo! News Getting Redesign, Good for Blogs

Yahoo! News has a new redesign in the works, and in a move that will make many bloggers and "citizen journalists" happy, they are giving some love to blog posts that are covering popular news stories. On what appears to be each article page, there is a section for "most blogged" within the particular category you happen to be in.

Yahoo! News

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Facebook Connect Plugin for WordPress Glimpsed

Lately, we’ve been seeing blog platforms making moves to become more social. Movable Type started incorporating the ability to set up social networks apart from the Facebook Connect plugin that is available. Blogger discussed adding new features including integrating Google Friend Connect into it.

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Malaysian Blogs Shaking Things Up

The New York Times recently claimed that the "year of the political blogger" has arrived. While that might be a true statement, it is certainly not limited to the American political agendas discussed in that article.

The Malaysia Situation

TechDirt has been keeping an eye on what is happening with blogging in Malaysia, and gives a little background:

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Google’s New Blogger Features

Google’s Blogger is unleashing some new features to make blogs using the platform more social. They will be rolling out these features over the next several weeks.

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SEC Opens Up To Social Media

 Yesterday, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved new guidance for publicly-listed companies in using traditional websites and social media channels like blogs to meet the SEC’s public disclosure requirements under Regulation FD.

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Has Apple Entered The Blogosphere?

A blog (a contraction of the term web log) is a website, usually maintained by an individual, with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order.

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Google News Introduces More Filters

Major news organizations like Reuters, the Associated Press, and the AFP are great sources of information; there’s no denying that.  Other people and entities have a lot to offer, too, though, and Google News is now making it easier to access these alternatives.

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Blog Comment Ownership Question Resurrected

This is a topic destined for a courtroom one day, bitter enemies formed along the way: Can a blog publisher collect blog comments and publish them in a book? We addressed this topic weeks ago, with no definitive answer. The question arises again today as a result of simultaneous, otherwise minor, occurrences.

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Kentucky Blog Blacklist Case Settled

A federal lawsuit filed by a Kentucky blogger against former Governor Ernie Fletcher and the Commonwealth of Kentucky has been settled. Under the terms of the settlement, the Commonwealth agrees to apply a "viewpoint-neutral" policy to blogs and websites accessed by state-owned computers.

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UK Receives More Blog Traffic Than The U.S.

Over the last 3 years, UK internet traffic to blogs and personal websites has grown by 208%, according to new data from Hitwise.

The web intelligence company has just released new data on blog readership in the United Kingdom which shows 1.19% of all UK web traffic flowed to a blog. (Not a single blog–that would be a great site to own–but to blogs in general)

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UK Interest In Blogs Stronger Than Ever

It’s a great time to run a UK-oriented blog.  UK traffic levels to blogs and personal sites have taken a couple of deep dips over the past few years, but according to new Hitwise data, visits have now risen and reached a record high.

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How Blogs Make Me Schizo

One part I like about this digital revolution is that it takes a lot of the pretentiousness out of publishing. One part I dislike about this digital revolution is that it takes a lot of the pretentiousness out of publishing.

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This Article Is Miley Cyrus Link Bait

Actually, this article is more of a commentary on collective mental illness, exploitation and mountains made of molehills—no, that’s not a boob joke. It’s also about invented controversy for the sake of ogling eyeballs and links at the expense of a teenage girl who will be lucky if she’s not in rehab on her 18th birthday.

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Professional Bloggers’ Power Debated

In the old days, reading a blog meant following the life of some random guy (or girl) who made ends meet through other means.  Now, it’s likely to consist of contributing to a major company’s pockets (or at least an individual’s main paycheck), and this has led to the iffy idea that amateur bloggers might be getting elbowed out of the way.

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Measure Map Returning From Google’s Graveyard

Ever since Google acquired blog analytics firm Measure Map, the product vanished with only an email signup form left behind for people newly interested in the service.

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Submit Your RSS Feeds

A little over a year ago, I asked readers to share their RSS feed with me.

I did this out of concern that my news sources would consist of nothing but “A-listers” and I’d miss out on the insights of those that wrote fantastic posts, but hadn’t yet found the spotlight.

It’s time to do it again!

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SEG’s Small Business Conference

SEG conducted their Small Business marketing Unleashed Conference in Houston this the last couple of days.

They posted recaps to a lot of the sessions. Here are the ones I found particular good and interesting:

1. Unleashed: Blogging for Businesss

on the topic of company blogging, thought this post fit well:

Examples of Great Company Blogs

Read More Sued By Anna Nicole Smith’s Mom

Anna Nicole Smith’s mother Virgie Arthur is suing online celebrity news site along with a number of other media outlets alleging she was defamed.

Arthur alleges in a lawsuit filed in Texas state court on Monday that Smith’s lawyer and companion Howard K. Stern and others created a fictitious story that she was the mother of her stepbrother’s child to try and hurt her chances of getting custody of granddaughter Dannielynn.

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Blogger Goofs On Twitter Ads

The latest gaff in online journalism comes courtesy of prominent tech blog, emphasizing once again an important point: When bloggers are under pressure to be first and fast, the journalistic process is undermined and due diligence is neglected.

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Sphere Rounded Up By AOL

Blog search site Sphere and its widely used widget found a new home as AOL moved to acquire the startup.

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Toast: Gawker Media Dumps Three Blogs

Nick Denton gave Wonkette, Gridskipper, and Idolator their walking papers in paring his blog network down to an even dozen.

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AOL Rolls Out Technology Network

AOL has launched the AOL Technology Network, which includes the blogs Engadget, Switched, TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog), and the DownloadSquad.

AOL says its Technology Network will give users a resource to compile information about technology news and products. For advertisers it will allow them to integrate ad campaigns across the network of sites.

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Get Your Blog Google-Ranked In 30 Days or Less

Blogs have been around long enough to become standard elements of the web landscape. They’re easy to construct and manage, they create fresh, user-generated content and, if well-executed, blogs draw crowds and the attention of search engines.

Whether starting out with a new domain name, or a domain that’s been around for a decade, you can rank your blog on Google if you just do what Google wants you to do. So here are 25/50 tips to get your blog ranked by the world’s biggest SE.

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Umbria Listens, Accepts J.D. Power Bid

J.D. Power and Associates acquired Boulder-based reputation tracker Umbria to get a better handle on what people say about quality and satisfaction with products and services.

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Fun With TechMeme Numbers

Last week, I posted an opinion piece about TechCrunch’s prominence on TechMeme. There wasn’t a lot of response—if that tells you anything about what my opinion’s worth—but there was a point brought out in the comments section of that post, and a blog post elsewhere echoing. So that’s good enough for me to do a follow-up and extend on a point.

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An April Fool’s Message To The Blogosphere

The largest of stumbling blocks—well, more like walls—lain in the blogger’s path to journalistic credibility has been…journalistic credibility. That concern alone has been the traditional (read: now ye olde school) journalist’s trumping objection, a turned up nose progressively shrinking and less relevant. Until today, April Fools Day.

You’ll have to be patient on this scenic journey with me. We’re headed somewhere, I promise. Whether it’s some place cool remains to be seen.

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Are Health Blogs Bad For You?

There was a time when certain professionals, such as doctors and lawyers, did not advertise in a general way. In some arenas, advertising was looked down upon and considered to be below the standard. In others, particularly the law, advertising specific services was illegal. Once the ban on television advertisements was lifted, there were some lawyers who ventured forth to test the waters. Naturally, they were shunned by peers, relegated to the same category as ambulance chasers. That is, until the peers saw how the advertisements paid off in a very big way.

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Journalists Working Online More And Using Blogs More

The shift from print to online media is giving journalists more responsibility and making them more aware of the commercial side of the business according to the "2008 PRWeek/PR Newswire Media Survey."

The survey polled 1,231 journalists including newspaper and magazine journalists, television, radio and online reporters, and bloggers.

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Ky. Governor Unblocks Blogs

Kentucky’s newly elected Democratic Governor Steve Beshear lifted a ban set in place by former Governor Ernie Fletcher that barred state employees from accessing blogs on state computers. Fletcher’s move was a controversial one that led to national press coverage of allegations that he was trying to silence critics, and a federal lawsuit filed by a Kentucky gadfly blogger.

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Lord Of The Blogs – The Battle For Attention

In the nearly three years this writer has been diligently typing away, we witnessed cute and compelling blogs grow into the kind of pre-pubescent youth who rationalize violence as a way of dominating their little island.

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SES NY: Do’s And Dont’s Of Media And Blogger Relations


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Who Is The Real Ashley Dupre?

I admit it. All this Ashley Dupre (or whichever alias you prefer) coverage is a bit on the seedier side of news. But she is now officially a part of American history that will never go away, so she, for the historical record, must be documented so that in a hundred years, history students look back and go "holy crap!"

Or whichever teenage expletive keeps them out of Mom-trouble in 2108. That it’s kind of trashy is just a bonus.

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Mullenweg Indicates Over 30 Percent Of Blogs Are Spam

If you’re willing to trust Matt Mullenweg, and believe WordPress is fairly representative of blog platforms everywhere, then have we got a statistic for you: it seems that at least 30 percent of all blogs may be spam.

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Air Force To Cut Access To Some Blogs

The Air Force is restricting access to a wide range of blogs its troops will be able to read.

The Air Force Network Operations Center (AFNOC) said," AFNOC has imposed bans on all sites with ‘blog’ in their URLs, thus cutting off any sites hosted by Blogspot. Other blogs, and sites in general, are blocked based on content reviews performed at the base, command and AFNOC level."

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Valleywag Goes Porno

Valleywag’s never been one to pull punches, especially if the punch puts at risk the more prudish element of the audience. But they’ve never, as far I as know, gone full-on NSFW at the site itself. Celebrity sex tapes are all the rage on the Internet, but do a search on Valleywag and only one result comes back—one for Gene Simmons.

Valleywag Goes Porno

In a t-shirt, no pants.

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Syndicating Your Blog

The idea of easy money in someone’s bank account is enough to make almost anyone stop and listen.  So now that I have your attention, how can you make easy money?  The answer is very simple; syndicate your blog.  Well that is if you already are blogging.  And if you aren’t, then you might want to consider it.

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Yahoo! Answers Blog Has New Home

The Yahoo Answers Blog is no longer a part of Yahoo 360.

Yahoo says it has "always dreamed of a home for the blog that was more a part of the Yahoo! Answers community." The new address is Yahoo says its Answers blog is a little cleaner and has useful features to improve the connection with Yahoo Answers.

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Create Your Own Blog Version of Twitter

It seems Automattic’s Matt Mullenweg and team have gotten the Twitter bug. In fact, they love the idea of micro-updates so much, they’ve launched a new WordPress theme that lets you create your own blog version of Twitter.

They’ve named it Prologue.

Here’s how it looks:

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Has Target Learned its Lesson?

Last week I watched the blog storm surrounding Target’s decision not to talk to a blogger, because it only focused on traditional media outlets.

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How Bloggers Will Save Journalism

After declaring (again) the death (or at least the dying) of print, bloggers and academics have clothed their straw man with proposals that include even government subsidies. It’s not just print that’s in peril, but real, investigative, long-form journalism. But print’s not dead yet, neither is the argument, and bloggers might just lead the resuscitation efforts for journalism itself.

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A Very Brady Social Network

Greg Brady — you know, from the Brady Bunch — isn’t really Greg Brady, though Barry Williams, the actor who played the iconic character, doesn’t mind if you call him that. In fact, the character serves as an excellent brand vehicle by which Williams can reinvent himself online via a new social network for fans called The Greg Brady Project

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Arrington Gets A Lecture

After TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington called Robert Scoble a sellout for accepting ads on his blog in the future, Dave Winer (you might know him as one of the original bloggers and the inventor of RSS) took on the tone of a disappointed father in the comments section.

"Mike, I say this with all my heart — stop wasting your time on this bullshit," writes Winer.

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Presidential SEM

After writing several posts on SEO and the Presidential candidates, I started thinking, what would I do if I ran for President of the United States, in terms of online presence and search marketing.

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What? Using Sex To Sell Something? recently dropped a section of its website offering photos of scantily-clad, suggestively-posed women. BET says they removed their "B-Girls" widgets as part of a phased plan, but one activist claims it was her staunch opposition to seeing men enjoying themselves that led to the removal.

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Times Helps Post $29.5M To WordPress

The popular blogging platform drew a sizable investment from The New York Times Company, which expanded its minority stake in WordPress parent Automattic.

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Scrapbookers Clip Along At Scrapblog

Paper punching scrapbook devotees show plenty of interest in extending their hobby to the Internet.

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GameSpot Roasted By Rival Editor’s Sam Kennedy posted one of the most thoughtful and in-depth pieces anyone could hope to read about GameSpot’s November dismissal of editorial director Jeff Gerstmann.

Read More Sets Sail From Subscription Wall

Following in the steps of the New York Times and AOL, The Atlantic removed the subscription barrier from its online content.

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WordPress Pumps Up The Storage

Storage space at became more plentiful after Matt Mullenweg announced a big increase for free accounts to 3GB.

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NCAA Live Blogging, No More

I searched for the term “sports blog” and received over 30 million results on any given search engine and received over 24 thousand results on Technorati. But the real question is why am I searching for a sports blog anyways?

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Google Zaps Cruise Scientology Video

Tom Cruise’s appearance and speech at a Church of Scientology event in 2004 has circulated on the Internet, but the version hosted on Google’s YouTube service has been taken offline.

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Two Sides of the Internet

The Internet can always be amusing, or interesting or just plain frustrating. It really just depends on what side of the fence you are, on any given subjects.

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Blog ROI Models

For those who are fans of Guy Kawasaki, there is a phenomenon he is fond of calling "Guy’s golden touch." 

It is his own trademark reversal of a well known saying, where he likes to note that "everything that turns to gold is what Guy touches." 

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What Does the Future of the Newspaper Look Like?

Mediapost referenced a 66 slide powerpoint by The World Association of Newspapers, titled Shaping the Future of the Newspaper.

Each bulleted list below is a slide from their presentation. I grouped some of them together to discuss how/where I think they relate.

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Recognizing the Best SEM Posts

Learning all there is to learn in Search Engine Marketing is no easy feat.

There’s no real text book, and if there was it would be outdated right after it was published I’m sure. The best place to get the best information in Search Marketing is from immersing yourself in the blogs of SEO and SEM.

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Analyzing Delta’s Blog Effort

One of the things we do as a social media agency is analyze what other people do and comment on it.

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Bloggers & Journalists Treated Quite Differently at Conferences

At every conference or tradeshow, you get a badge.  I have a box full of them on my desk, an increasing number of them with the title of "Speaker" affixed beneath my name. 

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Survey: 3/4 Journalists Use Blogs

A new survey by Brodeur and MarketWire, shows that 75% of journalists use blogs to get ideas for stories.

Journalists may not comment but they are reading…in fact, four in five say they read read blogs at least two to three times a week. Almost 30% of journalists in the survey say they have their own blog.

Journalists consult blogs for story ideas, angles and insights:

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Marks Post Link Bait?

I recently spotted a blog post by Adam Senour over at Walk My Path. The post outlines why Gene Marks is right on certain comments from the blog post. I must say I didn’t think I would find someone defending Gene marks comments like Adam has.

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Treat Readers Like High Schoolers to Gain Subscribers

At least when it comes to their reading comprehension.

It makes a lot of sense if you think about it. Less people will complete a doctorate as will complete a four year undergraduate degree. Less people will compete a four year degree as will graduate high school. Less education usually means less reading and less reading leads to a lower level of reading comprehension. If the words and sentences you use are too complex a number of people who might otherwise appreciate what you have to say may have trouble following how you’re saying it.

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Study Looks at How Journalists Use Blogs

In a recent study by Omnicom Group’s Brodeur and Marketwire about how

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The Sun Duped By Samoan Sex Tape Spoofers

If you’re here on a seedy search mission, let me save you some time: There is no Britney sex tape on the Internet. It was a hoax. Sorry to disappoint you. If there is one (and we know there probably is) it’s not been leaked yet.

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How Blogs Influence The Media

Blogs have an impact not only on the speed and availability of the news, but also shape the tone and editorial direction of reporting a survey of U.S. journalists by Brodeur finds.

Blogs are a regular source for journalists with more than three quarters viewing blogs as helpful in giving them story ideas, story angles and insight into the tone of an issue. Almost 70 percent of all reporters check a blog list on a regular basis. Twenty percent said they spend more than an hour per day reading blogs. Fifty-seven percent said they read blogs two to three times a week.

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Corporate Web 2.0 Usage Catching On

Twenty-four percent of companies say they currently use Web 2.0 social software and another 8 percent say they will begin using it in the next year, according to a survey from ChangeWave Research.

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AdSense Referrals Ends Bonuses

Google will shift the payment plan for referrals to AdSense back to its original pricing structure, while ending the program in some parts of the world.

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White House Launches Blog For Middle East Trip

White House staff members will blog about President Bush’s trip to the Middle East.

Bush leaves today to visit Israel, the Palestinian territories, Kuwait, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

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The Hottest Event for CES Bloggers

What happens in Vegas this week won’t stay here for too long.  If you have been watching or reading any media at all this week, you have seen all the rampant coverage of everything from CES. 

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Marks Misses the Mark on “Tech Solutions”

OK folks I can’t take mainstream media much longer. They are so out of touch with what is really happening online it is simply ridiculous. Take the latest offering from Gene Marks at MSNBC:

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Blogger Social 2008: Sometimes Great Content is Not Enough

The first thing I should say is that I was planning to write about Blogger Social 2008 anyway.  You’ll see why I started with that disclaimer in a moment …

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Utilizing Social Networks to Make Your Posts Viral

This article talks about how social networks can make a post go viral – or spread like crazy.

It focuses specifically on the biggest social networks – MySpace and Facebook. Facebook tends to be a bit more technical – allowing you to utilize apps to spread the word. They also attract different types of people.

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Om Malik On The Mend

Noteworthy tech blogger Om Malik has been recovering from a heart attack since December 28th, he told GigaOm readers today.

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Google Blog And Lots Of Factoids

Three hundred blog posts and fifteen product announcements later, Google’s official blog accumulated a few fast facts about their 2007 activities.

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Saudi Blogger Still In Government Detention

Fouad al-Farhan’s criticism of the Saudi government earned him an investigation by authorities, followed by his detention for questioning.

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Skype, RackSpace Among Big Wrecks In ’07

There is no greater feeling of dread for an admin than seeing a system go offline, and nothing works to get it going again.

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Drupal: The Next King of CMS?

Earlier this month I mentioned on the Platinax forums that I was keeping an eye out on Drupal as a potential CMS for the future.

This week Aaron Wall put his weight behind predicting that in 2-3 years time Drupal will be the CMS of choice.

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Vietnam Looks To Regulate Blogs

The idea of free speech and free press is perhaps one of the most dangerous threats to governments seeking to control the population. This is precisely what made the founders of the United States so revolutionary – the ability to share information allows the people to control the government, not the other way around.

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Live Blogging Tips

For anyone that reads Online Marketing Blog from time to time knows we do a bit of conference blogging. In fact, during 2007 OMB covered 14 conferences involving nearly 100 blog posts, over 1500 photos and 20 videos.

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Blogs Beat The Times In Rankings

Once upon a time, two people made a bet over which of these two would rank higher for the top five news stories in 2007: blogs or the New York Times.

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NCAA Goes Medieval On Live Blogging


Fearing the practice of live blogging has the potential to draw fans away from actually watching or listening to the broadcast version of the game, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) isn’t just dictating whether live blogging can or cannot be performed during sporting events, but also how often.

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Another ‘Fear Twitter’ Post

Twitter Is Dangerous.

Yeah right… Bloggers with their gloom and doom are more dangerous. The gist of this ‘fear twitter’ story is that people are, gasp, talking to more than one person!

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Newsweek, Media Bloggers Association Cause Ruckus

Bloggers from the left, center, and right sides of the political spectrum opened a group blog on called The Ruckus.

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More Blogs & Journalism Discussion

Scott Karp makes a good point in a post about Nick Denton taking the helm at Gawker again (something I also wrote about on earlier). It’s pretty much the same thing I’ve been saying over and over when I talk to companies — including media companies — about blogs and social media. Let me say it again: Blogs are just a publishing system.

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Don’t Throw Out the Social Media Rulebook Yet…

…use some of it as a reference guide instead.

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New Hampshire Blog Bans Clinton Staffers

A New Hampshire based Democratic blog has banned six usernames tracked to an IP address belonging to Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign, because they did not say they were involved with the campaign.

The Blue Hampshire blog traced two usernames to the Clinton campaign, along with four usernames that had registered with the blog within minutes of one another that were recommending a pro- Clinton post, according to Dean Barker, managing editor of the blog.

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WordPress Sees Huge Growth in 2007

Here are some numbers about blogging and social networking sites according to Nielsen Online. They just released November’s numbers on the top 10 social networking sites. The biggest gainers are Flixster (where you share movie reviews) and LinkedIn, a social network for professionals.


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Bloglines Makes The Save

The Bloglines Beta feedreader began rolling out new features with the addition of a Save button for articles.

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No Zep Tickets? The Song Remained The Same

If not for the Internet, you would be waiting for either 90 seconds of coverage on the 11 o’clock news, or the morning paper to find out about Led Zeppelin’s tribute to Atlantic Records late founder Ahmet Ertegun.

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BuzzLogic Buzzes About 2007 Blog Buzzings

Paris Hilton, Michael Vick, and George W. Bush rated tops among bloggers discussing celebrities, sports, and politics respectively.

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SES – PPC on Influential Blogs

While most marketers are familiar with Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter, there are a number of new PPC advertising alternatives on influential blogs and social networking sites.

This session will introduce you to some of the more innovative ways to run conversation-level ad targeting on influential and behaviorally and contextually targeted sites.

Moderator: Greg Jarboe, President and Co-Founder, SEO-PR

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Gaming Blogs Abuzz Over Reviewer’s Firing

Jeff Gerstmann’s negative review of massively promoted Eidos title Kane & Lynch: Dead Men may have contributed to his dismissal as gaming editorial director from CNet’s Gamespot.

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Google Reader Taps Power Of Blogsearch

New features from Google Reader include a process that recommends blogs potentially of interest to the user, based on subscribed feeds and one’s Web History.

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France, Sweden Top Europe In Blog, Internet Use

I’ve seen a lot of nationalities get insulted online, and no one seems to detect and respond to those insults as quickly as the French.  Now I know why: according to a new Forrester Research study, young French Internet users are more likely than just about anyone else in Europe to visit a blog.

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Truthfulness Over Perfection Valued In Marketing

Alan Scott, Dow Jones & Co. SVP and chief marketing officer, said it’s a cool time to be a marketing guy, as consumer expectations of businesses have changed with the rise in blogs and social media.

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Blogs Giving Mainstream Media a Run for its Money

Last week I read an interesting article by the Alley Insider that I’ve been dying to share – mainly because it included the following Nielsen chart that revealed an interesting comparison of sites.

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A Common Theme at BlogWorld: Conversational Marketing

This was the first annual BlogWorld conference held in Las Vegas on Nov. 8th and 9th.  It was a two day conference and was filled with marketers, bloggers, PR professionals, etc.  I attended the following sessions:

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