"Text From Dog" Gets A Book Deal

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In the same way that a popular book is almost assuredly going to find its way into the hands of a screenwriter, a popular blog will oftentimes find itself amid a publishing deal. Sometimes, you have the trifecta, as in with "Shit My Dad Says." A popular Twitter account was turned into a semi-popular gift book, that was then turned into an even less popular sitcom starring William Shatner.

It's simply the logical progression of things. Taking anything out of its original environment, and its chances of survival in its new format is a toss up at best.

That's why it's my somewhat sad duty to inform you that often genuinely funny Tumblr blog "Text From Dog" is going to be a book within the next few months.

If you're unfamiliar, the blog chronicles the iPhone text conversation of a man and his dog, with generally hilarious results.

Now, those funny exchanges are coming to your local bookseller.

According to The Bookseller, Headline Publishing has acquired the rights to "Texts From Dog," and we can expect the book to hit shelves on October 25th. "October and Cooper have been brightening up our days for months and we could not be more thrilled to be working them. Buy your copy this autumn to see if it will be BATDOG or CATCAT who reigns supreme this Christmas," said Headline's Sarah Emsley.

What's there the say, really? It's a funny blog that will make for a decent amount of book sales early on. It has a better chance than, let's say, the print version of "Stuff White People Like," because dog owners that may think it's funny are more plentiful and more willing to buy a gag book than self-deprecating white people. But at some point, we have to face reality. How long will people pay for something once they realize that they can get the same content online for free?

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