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Compete has released its new analytics numbers for May. Following is a list of some of the web's popular destinations for tech, business, search and social media news, and what Compete lists as their unique monthly visitors (US Only).

This is not a complete list of all publications covering these areas. Still, while some may cover other areas of interest, each is rooted in one of them primarily. The list doesn't include the more general news sites, such as The AP, Reuters, The New York Times, etc., many of which do cover these areas extensively as part of their overall products. The list is not meant to be the state of the news industry or anything, but just a quick look at our industry's unique audience landscape. Not all of these sites are necessarily in direct competition with one another. Some are much more niche than others. It's not about comparing a site that only writes about Facebook, for example, with a site that covers the entire tech industry (or even more than that).

I've included a few popular sources of such types of news, which are more aggregators than publications, yet seemed worth including for perspective.

It's also worth noting that Compete's numbers are just that - Compete's numbers. They're often much lower than what sites' internal analytics will reveal, and will differ from those of other products.

Finally, I want to stress again, that these are unique visitors. Not pageviews. If we were talking pageviews, the list would no doubt look much different. For example, Reddit announced earlier this year that it hit the 2 billion mark.

But anyhow, on with the list:

Website Unique Visitors (U.S.) 13,486,109 9,449,089 5,969,016 5,036,418 3,192,967 2,681,606 2,244,083 2,239,178 1,930,292 1,827,123 1,684,897 1,660,121 1,586,938 1,511,785 1,505,012 1,067,846 780,441 717,523 765,059 684,963 576,800 551,489 550,359 530,499 522,378 424,854 382,234 356,398 354,331 330,427 309,871 304,361 251,146 227,963 223,023 222,383 219,288 200,324 182,691 176,793 170,178 151,725 150,228 136,356 136,015 120,709 116,388 105,323 82,786 82,687 69,098 56,379 54,748 53,169 52,336 42,930 24,771 24,045 8,182 6,928

Compete lets you look at the data for any domain free of charge here, though they do require a sign-up these days.

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