Women Becoming More Engaged With Social Media

Women Becoming More Engaged With Social Media

By Mike Sachoff April 15, 2010 | 3 Comments

Nearly three-quarters (73%) of online women are now active social media users, engaging weekly or more often with popular social media platforms, according to a new study from BlogHer and iVillage.

BlogHer’s Guide To Political Bloggers

Our customer BlogHer just launched their new BlogHer Guide to Political Bloggers.  Neat stuff, built on top of Cerado Ventana.  (But i’m biased :-)).

Check it out. From the BlogHer page:

Bullying & Cyberbullying

Bullying is a serious issue. It makes people feel bad, makes them do things that they might not necesarily want to do, and forces people’s hands. Cyberbullying is worse – it takes all those things, puts them online in blogs or journals or social networks, and ramps it up a level via emails, Twitters and text messaging, and instant messages.

BlogHer: How to Build Your Audience

Elise Bauer, Simply Recipes and Learning Movable Type

Three things to thing about, with respect to building traffic:

Factiva Social Media Roundtable

Some random notes and thoughts during Factive’s Social Media Rountable.

MIMA Summit Starts Today

The Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association annual Summit starts today.

BlogHer – Gender Has Nothing to Do With it

If you read any of the posts that people wrote from or about the BlogHer conference in the US last week, you’ll probably arrive at the same conclusion I did – a terrific event filled with people who have interesting points to make and thoughts to share.

BlogHer Aftershocks Rumble Through Blogosphere

The aftershocks of BlogHer rumble through the blogosphere…the confidence, the insights, the diversity, (and even the vitriol and invective), 700++ voices from the individuals who were there, as well as the multitudes who followed the conference online.

My Adventure at BlogHer

This past weekend was BlogHer. I only was able to make it down for the Saturday sessions, but overall, I think it was a great event. In a sentence, it was the most valuable blogging-related event I have attended in the past year.

BlogHer and Conference Marketing

Back from two phenomenal days at BlogHer, and now starting to digest some of the things that I’d noticed over the weekend.

Hundreds of Women Bloggers Gather for BlogHer

BlogHer ’06 had 700+ attendees on Day 2. Daniel Terdiman writes:

BlogHer: Geeks Nirvana

Patrick Scoble, as quoted on Maryam’s blog:

Even Ballmer cant get into Gnomedex

It’s sold out. So is BlogHer. So is BloggerCon. Hmm, something is happening here.

I <3 BlogHer

While I do not write often enough about BlogHer – okay, I have never written about them before – I cannot put into words how much I love them.

Where the Women Bloghers Are

[Straining] I won’tmake lamegender puns! Iwon’tmake lamegender puns! There are no himbos allowed in this blogher network, unless you’d like a real herstory-making, estronomical dose of herorrhoids. Doh! Himicane, hersterectomy, feminsula! Daggone it!

Blogher Dates Announced

I see the BlogHer conference dates are announced (July 28 and 29 in San Jose).

Blogher Is Important For All Bloggers To Pay Attention To
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I’m quickly reading the Blogher reporting. Nancy White has a TON of notes. You can see the world changing.