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Is a Twitter News Service What Consumers Need?
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Many are getting a substantial amount of their news today from Twitter, but Twitter appears to have higher aspirations for becoming an important news service. Note: this article has been updated following recent developments.

Twitter News Service Here: “It’s Called Twitter”

To set the record straight, there’s been a lot of confusion around what Twitter may or may not be doing, stemming from an interview Reuters did with Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. 

Stone originally appeared to indicate that the company was considering partnering with news organizations on some kind of new Twitter news service. Since then, the company’s communications team has assured us that the company has no plans to do so.

Twitter Founders Discuss The Origin Of The Name With Jimmy Fallon
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Last night, Twitter founders Evan Williams (@EV) and Biz Stone (@Biz) were guests on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and pair discussed the origins of the Twitter name, and a few that didn’t quite make the cut.

Russian President Joins Twitter
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Another very significant person has come to recognize the value of Twitter.  Today, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev stopped by Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco, met with the company’s executives, and sent his first tweets.

Twitter’s New “Forces of Good” Stream

Back in January, Twitter launched Hope140.org, a site dedicated to showing the ways that Twitter is helping the world. Now, they’ve launched a Twitter account for it. Today, co-founder Biz Stone tweeted about it:

Twitter Promoted Tweets – Advertising With or Without Them
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Twitter has finally unveiled its business model in the form of "Promoted Tweets". The company refers to this as a "non-traditional" and "easy" strategy that "makes a ton of sense for Twitter." Promoted Tweets are described as ordinary tweets that businesses and organizations want to highlight to a  wider group of users.

Would you pay to promote a tweet? Let us know.

Twitter Announces @anywhere Platform
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Twitter should soon become more ubiquitous across the Web.  Today, the company’s cofounders announced something called @anywhere that should help integrate the Twitter experience into standard sites, and a number of impressive organizations have agreed to take part in the initial rollout.

Twitter Reaches 140-Employee Milestone
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Twitter’s long been associated with the number 140; it is, of course, this number that defines how the site’s users communicate with each other.  And the number now represents the size of the company’s payroll, too, as Twitter’s hired its 140th employee.

Biz Stone announced the milestone late yesterday by simply tweeting, "Today we are celebrating our 140th employee at Twitter!"  No details about whether the newest staff member is a janitor, programming whiz, or high-ranking exec then followed.

Twitter Earns Itself a Candy Heart Phrase
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You know those candy hearts everybody has around Valentine’s Day with the little sayings on them? Showing just how much of a stronghold Twitter actually has on pop culture, this year, one such saying that will appear on these candies is "Tweet me."

Stone Makes “Several Billion Tweets Per Hour” Prediction
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To some degree, it’s part of a cofounder’s job to act as a corporate cheerleader; a pessimist could hurt his company by scaring people away.  Biz Stone appears to have all but literally grabbed a megaphone and shouted "rah, rah," though, as he predicted that Twitter usage will hit monster levels next year.

Twitter Expands Into More Languages
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Update 4 : Twitter is now supporting the German language.

Update 3 : 
Twitter is now supporting the Italian language.

Update 2 : 
Twitter is now supporting the French language.

Twitter Cofounder Talks Again About Acquisitions
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There’s no need to start refreshing the Twitter Blog every five seconds; it doesn’t sound like any pens are poised over paper at the moment.  However, Biz Stone has made some statements concerning acquisitions that point to more of them taking place in the future.

“What’s Happening” with Twitter?
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There’s a lot of change going on with Twitter these days. Recently we got the highly-anticipated Lists feature, which helped us to organize our streams and discover new, interesting people to follow.

Paid Twitter Accounts To Debut This Year, Says Stone
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Corporate Twitter accounts are still on the way, and should be introduced by the end of this year, according to cofounder Biz Stone.  Stone chatted a little more about these accounts – along with the company’s problematic growth rate – while on a NESTA panel in London.

Twitter To Make Suggested Users Feature More Like Twellow’s?

Last month Twitter CEO Evan Williams made some comments at the Web 2.0 Summit, indicating that the company was strongly considering ditching the "Suggested Users" list. This is a list that co-founder Biz Stone once discussed as being a way to get new users engaged with Twitter. This has historically been an important thing for Twitter to consider, as user retention rates have suffered in the past.

LinkedIn, Twitter Connect Through Status Updates
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LinkedIn has developed a reputation for being a rather sedate, professional site.  Twitter, on the other hand, is at the anything-goes, trend-of-the-minute end of the social networking spectrum.  But last night, the two companies announced a partnership that should see a bit of back-and-forth result.

Is Twitter Smart to Ditch the Suggested User List?
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Twitter CEO Evan Willams made some comments at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco that have some Twitter enthusiasts in debate. He reportedly said that he wants to retire the Suggested User List (SUL) as the company prepares to launch its highly anticipated "Lists" feature.

Twitter Cofounder Speaks Out (Again) Against Sale
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In case you were wondering, it doesn’t look like Twitter’s going to get new owners anytime soon.  Biz Stone, who happens to be in Tokyo for the launch of a mobile site, said today that a sale is pretty much not something anyone’s considering.

Twitter Officially Partners with First Charity
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Twitter has for the first time in the company’s (relatively short) history, formally partnered with a charity. The company has teamed up with Room to Read as part of a "Corporate Social Innovation" initiative.

Twitter Denies Rumors of Video Inclusion

Seems like just yesterday that the Telegraph was reporting that Twitter was considering the introduction of video tweets into its playbook (actually it was just yesterday). Interesting and scary thought all at once (honestly, do you need to actually see some of the folks who pass along their nuggets of 140 character wisdom?). So while it makes for a nice article and creates the some speculation, what was actually given to the folks at Mashable was even more important.

Stone: Twitter Not Interested In Video

Twitter users shouldn’t feel any pressure to start carrying around bags of cosmetics or spare shirts.  A rumor that Twitter might introduce a "video tweeting" option has been denied by cofounder Biz Stone.