Google Adds ‘Show Me My Bills’ Voice Command

Google Adds ‘Show Me My Bills’ Voice Command

By Chris Crum October 8, 2014

Google announced that the Google app now lets you tap the mic and say, “Show me my bills” or “My bills due this week” to get access to important billing information. The company said in a Google+ update: When you …

CA Driverless Car Bill to Be Signed at Google HQ CA Driverless Car Bill to Be Signed at Google HQ

UPDATE: It’s been signed. Late last month, California’s SB 1298 landed on the Governor’s desk after being passed in both the Senate and the Assembly (37-0, 74-2, respectively). And today, Gov. Jerry Brown plans to sign the bill into law …

Password Protection Act Introduced in House & Senate Password Protection Act Introduced in House & Senate

If your future employer or current boss asks you for your Facebook password, it might soon be against the law. That’s because there is new national legislation against the practice of employers demanding access to employees’ personal accounts. A group …

CA Bill Banning Facebook Snooping Sees Support CA Bill Banning Facebook Snooping Sees Support

This Facebook snooping by employers thing has really struck a nerve. Ever since it was reported that there was a rising trend in employers asking prospective employees to turn over their social media passwords for investigative purposes, legislatures at both …

Digging The Read The Bills Act
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A bill, not written by Congress, requiring that US representatives actually read legislation before voting on it, under penalty of perjury, has been around a couple of years, but hasn’t received much attention. The authors of the bill aim to remedy that through an online viral campaign, leveraging the sudden power of social networking.

Sunlight Shines On OpenCongress.Org

The Sunlight Foundation and the Participatory Politics Foundation bring together legislation, news, and the teeming blogosphere on their new website.

Clients That Don’t Pay Their Bills

I’ve always heard horror stories of small business owners and clients who don’t pay their bills.

Bills Getting Paid Online

The percentages of electronic bill payment continue to increase. Forrester released numbers on Thursday showing 31% of online households paid bills online in 2004 and that number is expected to increase over the next few years.

8 Benefits of Paying Bills on Time

We often take paying bills for granted. We routinely do it and not think much about it. We sometimes are not even concerned if we pay bills late. But there are some potential major benefits of paying your bills on time. Here are a few of the important ones:

Budget Leftovers

It is extremely difficult to setup a budget, especially when you are behind on some of your bills. Even if you can make your regular bills and expenses fit neatly into your budget, what can you do if you don’t have the money to catch up?

Paying Your Bills On Time
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You’ve heard it before. “You always have to pay your bills on time or it will hurt your credit rating”. The fact is that not paying your bills on time can also cost you a bunch of money.