Montana Yoga Pants Ban Bill Was Literally Laughed Out of the Room

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Earlier this week, we told you about Montana State rep David Moore, a Republican with a mission.

Moore sponsored House Bill 365, which made headlines as the bill that wanted to ban yoga pants. And speedos. And tight, beige tank tops, really.

Well, it brings me great pleasure to report that the bill is dead. Not only dead, but it was literally laughed out of committee.

From the Billings Gazette

Members of the House Judiciary Committee voted unanimously to table House Bill 365, which Rep. David Moore introduced Tuesday...

Although members of the committee giggled about the bill, no discussion was allowed before a voice vote to table it.

Moore's bill attempted to strengthen the state’s indecent exposure laws to include the showing of the mere outline of a butt, nipple, penis – whatever, you name it. Moore not only added more instances of what counts as “indecent exposure”, but he also took out the part of the current law where the indecent exposer had to have intent to abuse, harass, or gratify themselves.

Apparently, Moore got the idea for the bill after he saw some wieners at a “Bare as you Dare” naked biking event last summer.

“Yoga pants should be illegal in public anyway,” Moore said after a recent hearing.

And the AP reported that "Moore says he believes yoga pants and men’s Speedo-style swim briefs should be illegal in public." So there's you yoga pants ban outrage.

This bill not only deserved to be tabled, but it deserved to be giggled about and then tabled. We applaud the committee.

Image via Lululemon, Wikimedia Commons

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