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Hailee Steinfeld: Taylor Swift Is Like Her Big Sis

Hailee Steinfeld recently opened up about her relationship with Taylor Swift, saying that she is like a big sister. Steinfeld, the young actress, undoubtedly looks up to Swift and has even tried to model her appearance in some ways. Steinfeld …

Brandi Glanville & Kim Richards, From Enemies To BFF

It was recently reported by E! that Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards were spotted enjoying some girl time at dinner after attending Life & Style‘s Hollywood in Hot Pink Party. The two became widely known as enemies through the reality …

Ustream Bringing Free Live Broadcasting To Facebook with BFF App Ustream Bringing Free Live Broadcasting To Facebook with BFF App
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Ustream, one of the web’s most high-powered streaming platforms, is about to launch an app that will allow users to set up their own live broadcasts on Facebook, for free. It’s called BFF – no, not Best Friends Forever, but …

Battlefield 3 Featuring Double XP Event This Weekend

After zero double XP events the first 6 months of Battlefield 3’s existence, we are about to get our second in a little over a month. Announced today on the Battlefield blog, the event will kick off at various times …

Battlefield Friends Accurately Portrays Playing With Noobs
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The thing about the Battlefield series that is so great is that it really unlike most every first person shooter that has ever been invented. Because of this, the game can have a steep learning curve. The boys over at …

MySpace Launches Its First Online Game Show
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MySpace is launching an original series and its first online game show today called "BFF."

Each "BFF" show will test two best friends knowledge of each other with questions over several rounds. Based on the number of correct answers prizes will be awarded at the end of each round.