Brandi Glanville & Kim Richards, From Enemies To BFF


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It was recently reported by E! that Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards were spotted enjoying some girl time at dinner after attending Life & Style's Hollywood in Hot Pink Party. The two became widely known as enemies through the reality television, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills; however, it looks like those days and those sentiments are firmly in the past.

The occasion was intended as a birthday celebration for Kim Richards where Brandi treated Kim to dinner at Fleming's in Beverly Hills.

According to a source, "Kim drank soda and smoked vapor cigarettes during dinner. She's really committed to her sobriety." You know; typical girl dinner stuff.

The source went on to share more information about the budding friendship.

"Kim really appreciated Brandi's efforts. She's enjoying their new friendship," the source said.

Kyle Richards, Kim's sister, was also well known for her joint Housewives feud with Brandi. However, even Kyle has been vocal about the new shift in relations between the Richards sisters and Brandi. Kyle Richards recently spoke with E! about her views on the new-found closeness between the reality television stars.

"It's just funny this season how the dynamics have changed with all the women. Some of us are no longer friends, some of us are friends when we never were before. Brandi and I have always had problems since the beginning and now, dare I say the L-word? I think I love her," Kyle Richards said.

Brandi Glanville took to her Twitter to speak about the fun evening.

[Image Via Brandi Glanville's Facebook Page]