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More and More People Turning to Online Video

We appear to have two data points related to online video that are worth paying attention to.

Number one: According to the BBC, Nielsen says that traffic to some online video sites has doubled since the Hollywood writers’ strike in October turned the TV into a wasteland of reruns and unfunny late-night talk shows (although it may be stretching things to call the Nielsen figure a data point, since I can’t find a report that has those numbers in it).

“Weblog” Term Celebrates Tenth Birthday

It’s sometimes hard to believe how quickly things move; it was only ten years ago that a certain word was coined, and yet some people now use an abbreviated form of it a dozen (or more) times a day.  The word, of course, is "weblog."

BBC Worldwide Predicts Higher Web Revenues

The BBC has often been one of the world’s more forward-looking media companies, and the CEO of BBC Worldwide seems intent on extending that reputation.  John Smith is setting new, higher goals relating to Internet revenues.

Mobile Web Usage Indicators
Some interesting posts and discussion on the BBC Internet blog centered around Linux and how open source the BBC is with regard to its sites and its content.

What I found interesting are these stats included in Martin Bellam’s related post:

Microsoft, Symbian Unimpressed By Android
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The appeal of Google’s mobile operating system, Android, and an alliance of handset makers, has not registered with two major phone OS builders.

Brits Type 1.2 Billion Text Messages Per Week

In all of 1999, Brits sent one billion text messages on their mobile phones.  Now, according to new numbers from the Mobile Data Association (MDA), they’re sending more than that per week.

BBC Denies Secret iPlayer Deal With Microsoft

Although the BBC’s iPlayer only works with XP-equipped computers, there is no secret alliance between the world’s biggest broadcasting corporation and Microsoft.  According to one exec, the XP compatibility merely arose out of an interest in serving the greatest number of people possible.

Europe Wants U.S. Based Microsoft To Pay

Microsoft has lost its appeal of a $690 million fine as set down by the European Commission for antitrust allegations against the software giant.

Does Facebook Really ‘Cost Businesses Dear’?

I don’t have a Facebook account. At least, not yet, as I have mentioned in another blog post I shared over here not so long ago. But from that to say "[...] sites such as Facebook could be costing firms over £130m a day" is a bit of an over-reaction.

Thailand Allows Access To YouTube

As censorship goes, this could be worse – YouTube has made any videos insulting the king of Thailand inaccessible from within that country.  In return, the Thai government has lifted a ban and apparently allowed everything else on the video-sharing site to return.

BBC Worldwide Launches Social Network

LiveWorld, an online social networking agency, said today that it is supporting a new social network for radiotimes.com, an online guide to television and radio for the BBC Worldwide.

Facebook Campaign Saves Departed Candy Bar
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I’ve often had to raise an eyebrow at Facebook’s “cause” groups – African warlords aren’t going to chill out just because a bunch of college kids tell them to.  Odds are excellent that no warlords will even read the students’ pleas.  But Cadbury apparently heard – and listened – to demands for the Wispa candy bar’s return.

Vodafone, Others Flee Facebook Over BNP Ads
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Before today, I don’t think I’d ever heard of the British National Party – guess I need to brush up on my racist, far-right organizations.  But it would seem that Vodafone and five other major corporations know the name, and they pulled out of deals with Facebook after their ads were placed on the BNP’s profile page.

Google, Microsoft Are Among “Best Global Brands”

According to a new report from Interbrand, Google is not one of the ten “Best Global Brands 2007”; that, from Mountain View’s perspective, is the bad news.  The good news: at number 20, it’s not too far behind the leaders, and Google’s “brand value” actually increased by 44 percent in the last year.

Google Book Search Says Goodbye To Harry

Google Book Search has dealt with Indian manuscripts, Japanese universities, and Belgian libraries – interesting stuff, but not exactly in line with mainstream America’s tastes.  Now Google Book Search is directing a nod – more of a bow, really – to Harry Potter.

Britain’s Floods Get Mapped By Google

Over the past week or so, Britain has been hit by some really nasty flooding – the worst in 60 years.  Fortunately, no deaths or serious injuries have been reported, and it’s possible that Google helped bring about this positive outcome.

European Online Advertising May Double By 2012

We all knew that online ad spending would rise, but according to a new report from Forrester Research, European budgets for this sort of advertising will double over the next five years.

BBC Exec Wants Better Complementary Videos

Too much video content that fails to enhance the stories on BBC News Interactive should be pruned in favor of more complementary works.

BBC iPlayer To Launch In July

The BBC will launch its on demand TV Service, BBC iPlayer on July 27 it announced today.

YouTube To Host BBC Content

The BBC Global News said today that it would use thePlatform’s media management and publishing system to distribute short-form video content on YouTube.

Google Named Top Mobile Web Destination

When rankings are published, and Google is involved, the Mountain View-based company usually wins.  This time is no different, and M:Metrics has crowned Google the “top mobile web destination for smartphone users.”

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