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Walmart Has Been Selling Banksy Knockoffs

Walmart and Banksy are two names that sound odd in the same sentence, but sometimes life imitates art. The company has reportedly been selling knockoffs of some famous paintings by the street artist through a third-party vendor on their website, and recently took the items down after Banksy’s reps called them out on it. California street artist Eddie Colla says …

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Banksy Painting Donated To Thrift Store, Hits Auction

Banksy, the infamous and elusive street artist who has been making his mark on New York this month, has secretly donated a painting to a thrift store which is now up for auction to benefit a charity, and the funds are up to $300,000. Banksy is most well-known for his creative stencils, which he leaves on various surfaces around the …

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Banksy Piece Tagged, Graffiti Artist Beaten Up

Banksy has taken over New York in the last couple of weeks, leaving his stenciled artwork all over the place and creating little pockets of art appreciation every time someone spots the work. But for as many people as there are who want to enjoy the work, have their picture taken with it, and celebrate their own little moment in …

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Street Artist, Banksy, Strikes Again!

On Tuesday, October 15, 2013, crowds rushed to see the latest work of Banksy, a famous British street artist who is on a month-long residency in New York. He created a sentimental piece, deeply touching the hearts of individuals, with a silhouette of the Twin Towers. The site’s location was spread by people through Instagram and Twitter, which definitely assisted …

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Banksy Art Taken Down In Brooklyn

Banksy, the street artist who made a name for himself by painting stencils with a decidedly political commentary-lean on various walls around the world, is currently working on his “Better Out Than In” series…and at least one fan has caught up to him in order to chisel the art off the wall and take it home. The latest piece–a relatively …

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Banksy: New Art Found On L.A. Streets

Banksy has updated his website for the first time in a while with a photo of some new L.A. art entitled “Better Out Than In”, which depicts a man (Banksy himself?) holding a can of spraypaint and “vomiting” a spray of real flowers that are growing out of a crack on the side of the building. The guerrilla artist hasn’t …

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