Banksy's Subtle Take on the News of the World Scandal

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World-renowned graffiti artist/social commentary guerrilla Banksy has thrown his hat into the Rupert Murdoch/News of the World mobile phone hacking mess with an impressive wall mural, and as usual, his work doesn't disappoint.

While it may not be as poignant as other works--take, for instance, the Airstrike work or the kissing Bobbies--the tongue in cheek approach to such a unfortunate set of events is certainly welcomed. The "my tap's been phoned" caption surrounding the outdoor spigot is yet another example of the subtle brilliance Banksy brings to social commentary.

I'm sure Rupert Murdoch approved, so much so, in fact, it wouldn't be surprising if he tried to buy the wall Banksy's latest piece showed up on. Speaking of, click the image for a better view:


Subtlety is often lost on the masses, and, in fact, Banksy's piece may be so subtle, people may only look at it and laugh. Later on, however, maybe they'll realize just how unethical the whole Murdoch incident was. In that case, perhaps Banksy's newest piece will serve as a bittersweet reminder, that is, until it's painted over.

Naturally, Twitter approved, as is usually the case when the name "Banksy" is mentioned:

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Love. RT @nymag Banksy Chimes In on Phone-Hacking Scandal 20 minutes ago via Tweet Button · powered by @socialditto

RT @LisaCBarlow: Brizzle sense of humour - briliant........New Work from Banksy via @hypebeast 23 minutes ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry · powered by @socialditto

Street Art of the Day // Banksy's latest 26 minutes ago via Google2Tweet · powered by @socialditto

The word "brilliant" is almost a rubber stamp response when it comes to Banksy's work. Here's hoping Murdoch feels the same.

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