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It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before Minecraft Got DLC

The beauty of Minecraft is that anybody can make anything in it. There are no expansions beyond the free updates that hit every few months. Many gamers thought it would be the same once Minecraft hit the Xbox 360, but Microsoft isn’t going to give up on selling some good old fashioned DLC to gamers. The DLC pack coming to …

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Earl Scruggs: Bluegrass Icon Dies, Leaves Rich Legacy

“Some nights he had the stars of North Carolina shooting from his fingertips. Before him, no one had ever played the banjo like he did. After him, everyone played the banjo like he did, or at least tried.”–Steve Martin 88-year old legendary Bluegrass musician Earl Scruggs died this week of natural causes, but he left behind a legacy that will …

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Social Discovery is BIG (and Creepy?) at SXSW

There’s a new trend in social media and application development, and it’s called “social discovery”. If you haven’t already heard the term a lot, you will soon. SXSW is famously an event where a lot of startups get to make their first major marks on the world. Some fizzle out. Some are Twitter. Quite a few are betting on the …

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