It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before Minecraft Got DLC

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The beauty of Minecraft is that anybody can make anything in it. There are no expansions beyond the free updates that hit every few months. Many gamers thought it would be the same once Minecraft hit the Xbox 360, but Microsoft isn't going to give up on selling some good old fashioned DLC to gamers.

The DLC pack coming to Minecraft on Xbox 360 is the first skin pack, which implies that there will be more down the road. Play XBLA got the skinny on more characters from the first pack that will include skins from some recognizable Microsoft franchises.

It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before MInecraft Got DLC

The big addition for somebody like me is obviously Banjo from the N64 classic, Banjo-Kazooie. After all the pain that modern day Rare has put me through, it's nice to see Microsoft still paying homage to one of their best franchises.

Alongside Banjo comes Ms 'Splosion, the main character from the sequel to one of XBLA's greatest hits, 'Splosion Man. Clayton Carmine of Gears of War is also along for the ride. Here's hoping he doesn't die a horrible, gruesome death like all of his brothers.

Rounding out the pack is Jack of Blades and the subtly named Prisoner. Jack is from the critically panned XBLA brawler, Fable Heroes, whereas the Prisoner is just a regular skin.

These character skins are just the latest to be revealed as part of the Minecraft version 1.7.3 on Xbox 360. The first reveal from Skin Pack 1 featured a Creeper, a Covenant Grunt from Halo, 'Splosion Man and others. There will be 40 character skins in all when it launches alongside the latest update.

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