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This Batman Vs. Bane Fight Might Just Sell You On Injustice: Gods Among Us

Look, I love Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. The Dark Knight Rises was probably my favorite movie of 2012, but Nolan’s “realistic” take on Batman meant that the fights couldn’t be as ridiculous as they sometimes are in the comics. That’s where WB Games and NetherRealm’s new fighter – Injustice: Gods Among Us – comes in. WB Games have released two …

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Here’s What It Would Sound Like If Axl Rose Hated Bane

Despite the tragic and senseless shooting in Aurora, Colorado at a Dark Knight Rises showing that left 12 people dead and over 50 people injured, the film managed to perform very well at the box office. Although the film hasn’t received universal acclaim, reception has been positive for the most part. For the people that aren’t as enthusiastic about the …

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Here’s The Mitt Romney As Bane Video Gotham Deserves

Ever since perpetually medicated ham hock Rush Limbaugh decided to shoot off at the mouth again and cry liberal conspiracy on everyone involved with the making of The Dark Knight Rises, it was only a matter of time before someone mashed up some Mitt Romney quotes with the trailer for the upcoming film, wasn’t it? If you haven’t heard, Limbaugh …

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New Posters For The Dark Knight Rises Look Better

While we’re firmly in the grips of The Amazing Spider Man’s reboot, it’s never to early to plan for the next cinematic tentpole event, and when you pair the names Christopher Nolan and Batman, you know you’re in for a blast of a time at the theaters. Nolan’s next trip to the Gotham universe is a little over two weeks …

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The Dark Knight Rises Gets a New TV Spot

Last week we showed you two new TV spots from the Dark Knight Rises. Well, over the weekend, we got another one: I like that each one of them shows different scenes, instead of mixing the existing ones up in a different way. Granted, some of the scenes are the same, but they do make an effort to include different …

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