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Saving the Internet From the United States?

Earlier this year, when discussing her son, Richard O’Dwyer, and his upcoming extradition to the United States, Julia O’Dwyer blasted the country’s attempt to take control of the Internet in name of “stopping piracy” or whatever other reason they hide behind. From Julia’s perspective, the U.S. does not own the Internet and therefore, should stop trying to get the rest …

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ACTA Petition Goes Over 1 Million Signatures

When launched their anti-ACTA petition, their stated goal was 750,000. When WebProNews first discussed the petition, the total number of signatures had eclipsed the 600,000 mark. Now, thanks to a large push back from European Union citizens, AVAAZ has a new goal: 2 million signatures. Considering the rate at which the signatures more than doubled from when we previously …

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