DARPA’s Atlas Robot Gets A Training Montage

DARPA’s Atlas Robot Gets A Training Montage

By Zach Walton October 4, 2013

Remember Atlas? The robot that can walk like a man and withstand being hit with 20 pound weights is back and better than ever. In fact, Atlas is now hard at work training for the annual DARPA Robotics Challenge. In …

Facebook May Buy Atlas From Microsoft By Next Week Facebook May Buy Atlas From Microsoft By Next Week

A couple months ago, rumors were heavily circulating that Facebook was preparing to buy the Atlas ad platform from Microsoft, which picked it up in its acquisition of aQuantive in 2007. Today, Ad Age is reporting that such a deal …

Reports: Facebook May Soon By Atlas From Microsoft Reports: Facebook May Soon By Atlas From Microsoft

Reports are coming out that Facebook and Microsoft are in talks for the former to buy the Atlas ad platform from Microsoft, which picked it up in its acquisition of aQuantive in 2007. Sources of these stories appear to all …

Microsoft Announces New Atlas Search Desktop Tool Microsoft Announces New Atlas Search Desktop Tool

Microsoft announced the launch of the new Atlas Search desktop tool for Atlas clients. “You can traffic up to 1mm keywords within 24 hours by simply exporting your keywords from the search engines, and then dragging and dropping the file …

The Louvre Opens Online English Database

The Louvre museum in Paris has launched an English language version of its online collections database, Atlas.

The online database will allows users to access information on 22,000 works of art from the Louvre, and provide high-resolution images along with their locations in the museum.

Before today, the Atlas database was only available in French and could be accessed via the Louvre’s website, which receives more than 10 million visits a year.

PubCon – The Social Marketing Playing Field
This panel is an introduction about getting up to speed with the major social marketing sites. This panel of SMO promotion experts will take you from newbie to advanced in short order. Do your homework before you hit this session though. Study the basics of Reddit, Netscape, Delicious, Digg, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


  • Joe Laratro


PubCon – Monetizing Social Media Traffic
Social media traffic is decidedly different from search traffic, newsletter traffic, or general link traffic. Knowing how to capitalize on this potentially huge traffic influx is critical for social media players. This session will look at ways that social media outlets can be monetized.


  • Rand Fishkin


IAC Dumps DoubleClick For Atlas

A little shake-up in the advertising serving business took place when IAC switched its account from Google’s object of desire, DoubleClick, to Atlas.

TomTom May Provide “Navigation 2.0″
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Ever been in a hurry only to find out that the road you chose is backed up because of construction? Pain in the butt, isn’t it? Satellite navigation (GPS) device maker TomTom could be adopting a Web 2.0 approach to help soothe those pains.

Google Recommends Running Lots Of Ads

Displaying ads over multiple locations increases the likelihood of gaining a conversion from the Internet audience.

Multiple Ad Placements Perform Well

I saw an old episode of “Cheers” the other night; in it, a woman repeatedly sang her phone number to Frasier, and (much to Lilith’s dismay) Norm, Cliff, and Woody took up the tune.  Believe it or not, this does (sort of) relate to eBusiness – a new study found that “Multiple Online Ad Placements Impress.”

Overlapped Ads Lead To Conversion

Advertising across multiple Web sites has a significant impact on consumer’s conversions according to a new study from the Atlas Institute, "How Overlap Impacts Reach, Frequency and Conversions."

AJAX and Search Engines

In the light of the immense popularity AJAX has received and the emerging tools like Atlas and AJAX.NET, I thought it was the right time to talk about the implications on search engine behaviour on AJAX enabled websites.

Net Video Providers Compete

With streaming video footage on the Internet now becoming a key component in all recent high-profile website successes, Atlas and Doubleclick, two marketing technologies providers, are both offering up competing video platform systems for e-commerce customers.

Atlas – the AJAX Engine for ASP.NET

Atlas is an ASP.NET control collection for creating AJAX enabled websites. It is also developed by the man who brought us ASP.NET some years ago, the one and only Scott Guthrie.

Atlas and Atlas Control Toolkit Introduction

What is “Atlas”? According to “Atlas” official site, “Atlas” “is a free framework for building a new generation of richer, more interactive, highly personalized standards-based Web applications.

Atlas Gets Normal Name

Microsoft’s Atlas, a set of tools and technologies designed to make coding in AJAX easier, has finally gotten a product name, or rather, a set of product names (AJAX is short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, a popular mix of existing technologies).