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Kinect May Be Coming To A Military Helicopter Near You Kinect May Be Coming To A Military Helicopter Near You

The Army absolutely loves video games and the hardware that powers them. They use them as recruiting tools, training simulations, computer processors and now 3D tracking devices. It seems that the military has its eye on the Kinect hardware that …

Should We Limit A Soldier’s Access To Social Media? Should We Limit A Soldier’s Access To Social Media?

United States Army Staff Sgt. Christopher Brown lost his life in Afghanistan earlier this week. While that is extremely sad news, it was how his wife was notified of his death that was the big news. A woman in his …

Army Wife Learns Of Husband’s Death Via Facebook Army Wife Learns Of Husband’s Death Via Facebook

If you think that Facebook is an impersonal medium of communication, I’m not going to argue with you. That “Happy Birthday” wall post from that guy you kind of knew in high school registers about as low as possible on …

Department of Defense Releases 30 Year Aviation Plan

The department of defense released their 30 year plan for the entire fleet of aircraft currently available to the Department of the Air Force (DoF), Department of the Navy (DoN-includes the Navy and Marines), and the Department of the Army …

Amazing Robot Can Jump 30 Feet High Amazing Robot Can Jump 30 Feet High
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Boston Dynamics yesterday posted a video to their YouTube page showing off their “Sand Flea Jumping Robot. The robot appears to be a normal RC car except for one thing: it can pop itself 30 feet into the air to …

U.S. Army Warns Soldiers About Geotagging U.S. Army Warns Soldiers About Geotagging
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Location tagging poses plenty of problems for civilians. Let’s say you told your boss that you were sick, but instead had plans to catch a Yankees game. In that case, you probably don’t want your next post popping up on …

Facebook Timeline Only Goes Back to 1800 Facebook Timeline Only Goes Back to 1800
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We recently covered a story about Facebook’s Timeline change starting for brand pages earlier this week. Less than a week later, they are already encountering problems. Facebook’s current timeline settings only go back to 1800, a seemingly arbitrary limit to …

U.S. Army Unveils Newest U.A.V. U.S. Army Unveils Newest U.A.V.

The United States Army has a new tool in their arsenal. A UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) named the A-160 Hummingbird. The Hummingbird has no pilot and therefore no risk while using it. It was under development from Boeing since 2004 …

U.S. Army To Release Officially Licensed Game Controllers
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In a partnership designed to let “[v]irtual soldiers on the videogame battlefield… take pride in Being Army Strong(TM),” the United States Army has partnered with gaming accessories company CTA Digital to bring gamers a line of officially licenses U.S. Army …

Anthropomorphic Robot Does Push-Ups, Sweats Anthropomorphic Robot Does Push-Ups, Sweats
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Folks, I gotta tell you – I’m feeling a bit emotionally perplexed. On one hand this extremely human-like robot, developed by Boston Dynamics, is jaw-dropping in its technological achievement. On the other hand it’s utterly frightening, as it’s the closest …

Army Blogger Ordered To Shutter Site
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A solider in the U.S. Army has been ordered to shut down his blog for writing posts that criticized his superior officers.

Blogging about the Iraq war under the pseudonym "LT [Lieutenant] G" since December 2007 the popular blog called "Kaboom: A Soldiers War Journal," detailed the daily life of the war describing firefights, combat patrols and tribal meetings.

U.S. Army Declares War On Soldiers’ Blogs

“Service before self,” says the U.S. Air Force, and the unofficial Navy motto, “Not self but country,” follows a similar line of thought.  But it’s members of the Army who are being asked something new in regards to their “selves”: Soldiers must now “consult with their immediate supervisor and their OPSEC [Operations Security] Officer” before sending e-mails or posting on blogs.

Outsourcing a Digg Army

This is probably a non-starter, but it’s fun to think about. It’s well known among the most ardent click fraud combatants that there are armies of low-paid workers in the world that are paid to do nothing but click on ads all day – in India, Vietnam, Thailand, and others. But what if the pay-per-digg model was expanded by some crafty, unethical, profiteer through outsourcing?

Indian Army Sees Threat in Google Earth

The Indian army is a little freaked-out that Google Earth shows satellite images of their strategic installations.

Blogging Outreach for the US Army

Well, when you are running a successful blogging initiative in a successful PR firm, companies and organizations are going to come to you for advice, and to lead blogging initiatives.

Google Maps Can Boost Katrina Relief Sites

The search engine company has made post-hurricane images of New Orleans available on Google Maps.

IBM Creating an Army of Evangelists

Silicon Valley Watcher: Early next week IBM will introduce the largest ever corporate blogging initiative in a bid to encourage any of its 130,000 staff to become online evangelists for the company.

PR Agencies Become Blog Amplifiers

Apparently David Sifry, founder and CEO of Technorati, said yesterday that corporate employees should not only be able to blog but that they should be autonomous and not subject to PR agency screening.

Paid Search Backlash – Earn Rupees!

John Battelle talks about a paid search backlash this morning … I don’t know how you all feel out there, but I sense a backlash of sorts building toward paid search.

Defense Department Approves Army’s Deviation Request

Halliburton confirmed that the AFSC has informed KBR that the AMC has approved AFSC’s request for a deviation from the FAR clause.

Oracle Unleashes Army of Developers

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison announced the release by 2008 of “Project Fusion,” the company’s next-generation information- oriented application architecture and application set.