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Here’s What AMD Has In Store For 2014

For the past several years, AMD has always played second fiddle to Intel when it came to CPUs. Recently, the company has been moving away from the CPU market to APUs – CPUs that have a GPU on the same die. At CES 2014, AMD remained committed to its new strategy. Gavin Gear from the Extreme Windows blog got a …

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Xi3 Piston Brings PC Gaming To The Living Room On November 29

Last week, Valve revealed its plan to take over the living room with a three pronged attack – SteamOS, Steam Machines and the Steam controller. SteamOS will be out this year, but Steam Machines will not. The original Steam box that was shown at CES this year will though. Xi3 announced today that its Piston Micro PC will launch on …

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CES 2013: Vizio’s First Windows 8 Tablet Is Powered By AMD

Let’s be honest with ourselves: Windows 8 tablets, including Microsoft’s own Surface, aren’t doing that well. The biggest offender is the overall price of these tablets with the anticipated Surface Pro, priced at $899, not helping. So, what happens when the king of cheap televisions takes a crack at it? Vizio, known more for its cheap televisions than computers, announced …

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Walmart To Offer Online Degrees For Its Workers

Walmart is partnering with American Public University, an online, for profit school, to offer its employees college degrees.

Walmart and Sam’s Club employees in the U.S. will be able to earn a college degree at a discounted price through a combination of academic credit earned for Walmart job learning and experience, and online course work via APU.

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