CES 2013: Vizio's First Windows 8 Tablet Is Powered By AMD

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Let's be honest with ourselves: Windows 8 tablets, including Microsoft's own Surface, aren't doing that well. The biggest offender is the overall price of these tablets with the anticipated Surface Pro, priced at $899, not helping. So, what happens when the king of cheap televisions takes a crack at it?

Vizio, known more for its cheap televisions than computers, announced at CES 2013 that it's bringing a 11.6-inch Windows 8 tablet to market later this year. Much like the Surface, Vizio is selling this a tablet that doubles a premium PC. What sets it apart is that it uses AMD's latest APU for a presumably cheaper price point.

The new tablet features a full HD 1080p display, 64GB SSD, and an AMD Z-60 APU with on-board Radeon HD graphics. The processor was built with Windows 8 tablets in mind, and as such, features a low-power dual-core 1.0 GHz CPU. The on-board GPU is clocked at 275 MHz, but supports DirectX 11. It's not going to be a gaming machine, but no Windows 8 tablet has yet proven to be one either.

“We built a tablet PC with Windows 8 that truly allows consumers to accomplish any task while being mobile,” said Matt McRae, Chief Technology Officer, VIZIO. “We are excited to work together with AMD to bring consumers a Tablet PC with the Windows experience that also delivers exceptional visuals using AMD’s expertise in superior graphics processing.”

There's no mention of pricing or availability yet, but it should be cheap. Vizio has a good track record of keeping prices down, and the use of an AMD processor should help keep the price down even more. With that being said, the use of an AMD processor may turn some people away who prefer more powerful Intel processors in their tablets, but that's what the $899 Surface Pro is for.