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Google Drive Lets You Launch Desktop Apps In Chrome

Google announced that Google Drive will now let you launch applications from your desktop computer in the Chrome browser. You’ll need a Chrome extension for it, but this is certainly a welcome addition to Drive users looking for increased productivity from within. Check it out. “Browsers are pretty amazing things,” says product manager Rachel Barton. “Before, if you wanted to …

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Find Pants That Actually Fit With Kinect

Shopping for pants is hard. I know that by watching my female friends spend hours in clothing stores only to walk out with a single pair of pants. I myself am too terrified to even shop for pants as I’m pretty sure my waistline grows three sizes each day thus making my search for size 38 pants already obsolete. If …

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The Echo Nest: Where Big Data Is Taking the Music Industry

A trend known as “big data” is hitting the tech industry as consumers are sharing more and more data about themselves online through social networks, blogs, and more. The term has been given to the continually growing data sets that Internet systems collect. As a result, many businesses have risen up in an effort to make use of this vast …

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Kinect Accelerator Participants Announced

It’s pretty obvious now that Kinect is not just for games that have you flail your arms wildly about in hopes of beating your opponent senseless in Kinect Sports Boxing. The hardware has inspired countless innovations in how we interact with computers. The official release of Kinect for Windows earlier this year cemented Microsoft’s commitment to inspired new technologies. Microsoft …

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Interview: uberlife Launches to Turn Online Connections into Real World Friends

With SXSW starting tomorrow, many startups are launching in hopes of becoming the next Twitter or Foursquare. One of the startups that shares this dream is UK-based uberlife. The company launched in the UK in January and launched its U.S. version earlier this week.

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CES 2012: Microsoft Announces Kinect For Windows

Kinect is finally making the official move from Xbox 360 to Windows-based PCs. Last night at Microsoft’s final CES keynote, they announced that the Kinect hardware would be coming to Windows-based PCs on February 1 in 12 countries. The Kinect for Windows bundle will sell for $249 and contain the Kinect hardware and accompanying development software. The price also includes …

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