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Antivirus Software: Do You Have To Pay For Better Protection?

In today’s Wi-Fi capable world, it’s no longer a question of whether or not you need antivirus software. Many laptops and tablets come with a trial version of virus protection software already installed. When it expires, you have the option of either paying for the full version of the antivirus program or trying your luck with free software found online. …

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Antivirus Software – AVG For Mac Users Too!

Millions of Mac users can finally get on board with the AVG AntiVrus that was previously designed exclusively for PC users. Mac seems to always be last on the list – for most major software applications. Although Apple does have some amazing software designed exclusively for the Mac, most PC software is not available for the Mac OS operating system. …

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Facebook’s Antivirus Marketplace Now Supports 7 New Languages

Facebook has just announced that their antivirus marketplace has been opened up to 7 new languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Portugese. “Last October we expanded our AV Marketplace to include new vendors in order to provide even more choice and protection to the over 1 billion people who use our service. Today, we look forward to opening …

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VirusTotal Checks Your Android Apps Against 40 Anti-Virus Databases

One of the major problems that Android faces is the widespread existence of malware. There have been fake versions of Angry Birds and Google Wallet offers that take your information or turn your phone into another piece of the Botnet collective. Google’s bouncer does a good job of keeping Google Play clean, but it can’t protect your from every app …

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Google Chromebooks: How Will They Impact the Antivirus Industry?

Google has been touting the security features of its Chrome OS operating system since it was unveiled last year. Google hopes that both consumers and businesses will go for web-based computing model the operating system offers, which includes instant updates from Google as they are available. Some people are talking about what this means for the online security industry – …

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Norton Goes Viral With Dokken and Kimbo Slice

Norton, the makers of the popular security software, has rolled out their latest advertising campaign, and let’s just say it’s an interesting one. The commercials feature 80’s metal band Dokken and famed street fighter Kimbo Slice.

Be honest, you did a double take with that last sentence didn’t you? No you read it correctly.

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Microsoft Gives Out Free PC Security

Microsoft has launched a new free anti-malware tool called Microsoft Security Essentials. The service is designed to protect consumers from viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

The service has two very strong elements going for it. For one, it is from Microsoft, which means it comes from a well-known brand that practically all consumers are familiar with. Secondly, it’s free, and that is another word that resonates with consumers.

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Marks Misses the Mark on “Tech Solutions”

OK folks I can’t take mainstream media much longer. They are so out of touch with what is really happening online it is simply ridiculous. Take the latest offering from Gene Marks at MSNBC:

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