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Twitter ‘Answers’ Analytics Tool Available For Non-Developers

Twitter announced that its mobile app analytics tool Answers will be available separately from its Crashlytics suite, where it has resided since launching. It will still be available via Crashlytics, but for non-developers, it will also be available in standalone form. Product manager Brian Swift said in a blog post, “This way, we’ll be able to innovate more rapidly and …

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Twitter Gives Advertisers Answers

In June, Twitter launched Mobile App Promotion. A bit later, its Crashlytics branch launched Answers, which it described as “mobile analytics you don’t need to analyze”. Later still, Twitter launched its Fabric platform, which includes Answers. In the meantime, Twitter says it has gotten a lot of feedback from people requesting a free, basic solution for measuring app installs on …

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Google Still Needs Websites To Help It Answer Questions

As Google’s Knowledge Graph continues to give users “quick answers” to their queries, it reduces the need to have to click over to another website. Google has quietly been serving a new kind of Knowledge Graph-style result, however, which actually appears to rely on good old fashioned organic results to fill in the missing gaps in “knowledge”. Dr. Peter J. …

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Google Makes More Changes To How It Displays “Answers”

Google released its big list of 65 changes it made during the months of August and September, and once again, quite a few of them had to do with “answers”. These are the the results Google delivers that don’t take you to another site. Last time Google released a big list, we looked at how Google is getting better at …

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Dunkin Donuts Coffee and iPads Popular in 2010 Among Ask Users

It’s now December, and in the search industry, that means it’s the time of the year that we get to look at the most searched things of the year. Bing shared its top ten searches the other day. Ask recently retired from true search, in order to focus on the niche its name suggests – questions and answers. 

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ChaCha Closes $7 Million Round of Funding

Answers service ChaCha announced today that it has closed a $7 million E round of funding. The service lets users go online, call, or text questions on mobile phones and receive answers "within minutes" for free. The service has an iPhone app and lets people ask questions via Twitter as well.

This round of funding might be particularly significant for the company. "We believe this latest round provides ChaCha the cash required to reach profitability," says CEO Scott A. Jones.

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