Google Makes More Changes To How It Displays "Answers"

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Google released its big list of 65 changes it made during the months of August and September, and once again, quite a few of them had to do with "answers". These are the the results Google delivers that don't take you to another site.

Last time Google released a big list, we looked at how Google is getting better at not having to send users to other sites. This would all be an extension of that. Here are the answers-related changes from the new list:

  • #83818. [project “Answers”] This change improved display of the movie showtimes feature.
  • #83819. [project “Answers”] We improved display of the MLB search feature.
  • #83820. [project “Answers”] This change improved display of the finance search feature.
  • #83459. [project “Alternative Search Methods”] We added support for answers about new stock exchanges for voice queries.
  • #83659. [project “Answers”] We made improvements to display of the local time search feature.
  • #84063. [project “Answers”] We added better understanding of natural language searches for the calculator feature, focused on currencies and arithmetic.
  • #83821. [project “Answers”] We introduced better natural language parsing for display of the conversions search feature.
  • #84083. [project “Answers”] This change improved the display of the movie showtimes search feature.
  • gresshoppe. [project “Answers”] We updated the display of the flight search feature for searches without a specified destination.
  • #84068. [project “Answers”] We improved the display of the currency conversion search feature.
  • #83391. [project “Answers”] This change internationalized and improved the precision of the symptoms search feature.

It's probably worth noting that 10 out of 11 of those changes took place in August, so perhaps Google's focus has shifted away from this area a little for the time being.

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