Japan Earthquake: 6.3-Magnitude Hits Three Main Islands

Japan Earthquake: 6.3-Magnitude Hits Three Main Islands

By Jasmine Allen March 14, 2014

Fourteen injuries were reported Friday following an earthquake that struck the south coast of Japan. The quake occurred a little after 2 a.m. in the Iyonada inland sea that separates the country’s main islands, including Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. It was reportedly …

Khloe Gets Anniversary Gift Amid Marital Problems Khloe Gets Anniversary Gift Amid Marital Problems
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Its been a turbulent summer for reality TV star, Khloe Kardashian-Odom. With the scandal surrounding her estranged husband, Lamar Odom, Khloe has endured his downward spiral consisting of drug addiction, disappearing acts, and numerous affairs. However, the one day out …

The Open Web Was Born 20 Years Ago Today The Open Web Was Born 20 Years Ago Today

In 1989, CERN and Tim Berners-Lee changed the world forever with the creation of the modern Internet. They changed the world again four years later when the net was freed from being owned by any one person or organization. CERN …

MLK Jr. Death Anniversary Remembered MLK Jr. Death Anniversary Remembered

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated 45 years ago today at a motel in Memphis, Tennessee. The civil rights leader was in the southern city to support an ongoing strike by the city’s sanitation workers. King was only 39 …

Mortal Kombat Celebrates 20 Years Mortal Kombat Celebrates 20 Years

It was 20 years ago that the first Mortal Kombat came to the arcade. Remember arcades? To celebrate, we have collected some of the best memes and videos from around the interwebs. Included here are videos of all the fatalities …

Taco Bell Stats Show How Much People Love Tacos Taco Bell Stats Show How Much People Love Tacos

Update:This one was just too good to be true. Today, apparently, isn’t Taco Bell’s birthday. The exact date of the anniversary is March 21st, which was almost a month ago. Extremely depressing news for everyone, particularly those who continue to …

YouTube Live Celebrates One Year Anniversary YouTube Live Celebrates One Year Anniversary

In celebration of YouTube Live’s one year birthday, they are rolling out new features. Wirecast for YouTube Live A new software that comes free to YouTube Partners. It allows people to produce and stream live events directly on YouTube from …

Adobe Illustrator Turns 25-Years-Old Adobe Illustrator Turns 25-Years-Old

Out of all the Adobe programs we used in my newspaper design class, it was Illustrator that I enjoyed using the most. It was by far the most refined program that made line drawing easy and fun. I guess a …

Strong Earthquake Hits Japan, Causes Minor Tsunami Strong Earthquake Hits Japan, Causes Minor Tsunami

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake rocked northeastern Japan today, causing the Japanese Meteorological Agency to issue a tsunami warning. It struck about 170 miles off the east coast. A spokesman for Tohoku Electric Power, which operates two nuclear power plants in …

Twitter Promotes New Site for 5th Birthday
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As you probably know by now, Twitter is celebrating its 5th birthday.  With the service now averaging about a billion tweets per week, one could say that growth is not a problem.  But for those not yet bound in the …

Funny or Die Celebrates Twitter’s 5th Year Anniversary

It’s hard to imagine we’ve had Twitter for only five years. The social networking platform has certainly changed the way we communicate, specifically the speed of communication. While it has advanced so much, it also has been chided as being …

Take A Virtual Tour Of The Anne Frank House

As part of the official 50th anniversary of the Anne Frank House, LBi Lost Boys and Anne Frank House have developed a 3D version of the house at Prinsengracht 263 in Amsterdam where Anne and her family lived in hiding for two years during the Second World War.

Google Celebrates Anniversary, Opens New Office

Some companies don’t celebrate anniversaries.  Some merely put a few grocery-store cupcakes near the water cooler.  But Google knows how to handle an anniversary – the search giant recently made a big cake and opened a new office in Fremont, Washington.

Google Bakes A Gigantic Cake
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Sure, there are privacy issues.  And yes, the company sometimes looks like a monopoly.  But it has now made a cake weighing at least 125 pounds, which leads me to ask: how can you not love Google?

Cool Listening and Podcastings 3rd Anniversary

I was in the UK at the weekend to organize a couple of things re my move there next week.

Adobe Calls For Flash Design Entries

The inaugural Y Design Awards 2006, launched as part of the London Design Festival, will take submissions until September 6th.

Flash Marks Tenth Anniversary

Flash technology has moved from an illustrator program for Tablet PCs to being the most popular way to embed audio and video content on the World Wide Web; it may be on the way to bringing an end to the Ajax phenomenon that has pervaded throughout numerous recent Internet startups.