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Google Goggles Gets An Upgrade on Android Google Goggles Gets An Upgrade on Android
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Google announced some improvements to Google Goggles for Android with a new update it’s made available for all Android devices – version 1.7. The new features include: continuous mode, improved text recognition, and contributed results. “Continuous mode is a quick …

Free Text Messaging App From Yahoo: Hub Free Text Messaging App From Yahoo: Hub
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Were you just thinking to yourself: “I wish there were an easier way to have conversations from my phone?” If so, Yahoo claims to have the solution with its mobile app Hub, which comes with the tagline: “conversations made easy”. …

Google Catalogs Launched on Android Tablets Google Catalogs Launched on Android Tablets

Google announced today that Google Catalogs is now available for Android tablets. Google Catalogs was originally launched in August as an iPad app. It launched with an impressive partner list that included: Neiman Marcus, Williams-Sonoma, Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Macy’s, Alloy, …

Netflix for Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet Netflix for Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet
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Netflix announced today that it is now available for all Android tablets. This is something of an accomplishment, considering that fragmentation has historically been an issue with Netflix’s efforts to deliver its service across Android devices. This seems to have …

Netflix Launches Android App for Honeycomb Tablets Netflix Launches Android App for Honeycomb Tablets
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It’s been something of a bumpy road for Netflix on Android. They’ve faced challenges in making the Android app compatible with all Android devices. They talked a bit about this in a blog post last fall, when Netflix’s Greg Peters …

Google Wallet Launches (Officially) Google Wallet Launches (Officially)
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Update: Google has now gone ahead and officially announced the launch of Google Wallet, complete with another video. Google VP of Payments Osama Bedier writes: We’ve been testing it extensively, and today we’re releasing the first version of the app …

Google Goggles Adds New Search From Camera Feature Google Goggles Adds New Search From Camera Feature
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Google has launched a new version of Google Goggles for Android, which will let you you know when you take pictures that Goggles can actually recognize. “With this new opt-in feature in Goggles, you can simply photograph an image using …

Ask Android App Launches Ask Android App Launches

Ask has launched a new Android app offering a mobile Q&A service to users. The launch follows that of its iPhone app, which recently surpassed a million downloads. “We have placed a big bet on mobile as part of our …

Facebook Messenger App Launches with Group Chat Facebook Messenger App Launches with Group Chat
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Facebook has announced a new mobile app called Messenger. The app, which the company says will be available today for iPhone and Android, is a standalone app – separate from Facebook’s regular mobile app. It would appear that the app …

Google+ Android App Gets Update, Site Attracts 25 Million Users Google+ Android App Gets Update, Site Attracts 25 Million Users
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According to comScore research, as reported by Reuters, Google+ has attracted 25 million users, making it the fastest site to achieve such a number. The firm says Google+ had 25 million uniques as of July 24, growing at about a …

MapQuest Android App Launched

MapQuest has unveiled a new Android app that comes with voice-guided/turn-by-turn Navigation, voice search, a map toolbar (making it easily find restaurants, gas stations, etc. with one click), walking/driving directions, recommendations for the best routes, rotating maps, and live traffic flow/incidents.

CitySearch Launches Daily Deals Aggregator
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Taking advantage of all the buzz about daily deals, CitySearch has taken it upon itself to provide a convenient way for user to check out available deals from one spot (an iPhone or Android app). 

Twitter for Android Becomes More Like Other Twitter Apps

Twitter has launched a new version of its Android App. The company says its designed to feel more like its other official Twitter apps to provide a more consistent experience. 

Blogger Gets Android App for Posting On the Go

Google’s Blogger has released a new Android app that allows bloggers to update on the go. 

With the app, users can switch between different accounts and blogs (for which they have author rights) and post accordingly. You can compose posts, attach photos, assign labels, and save them as a drafts or go ahead and publish them. 

"Saving as draft is handy if you need to wait until you have Internet connectivity," notes Blogger’s Vinay Sekhri.

Netflix Spotted on Android Device, Doesn’t Mean Yours Will Get It

A Netflix app for Android was spotted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which wrapped up yesterday. Verizon, showing off its new LG Revolution 4G phone with Android, showed evidence that the app is indeed in existence. 

Android users have been waiting for a Netflix app for quite some time, and have had to wait idly by while apps for the iPhone, iPad, and even Windows Phone 7 were released. UnwiredView.com posted the following video of the demo, which is now making the rounds: 

Google Maps Goes 3D and Offline on Android

Google introduced a new version of Google Maps for Android, which brings several new features. These include 3D map interaction and offline reliability features. 

Google is now using vector graphics for the maps, so you won’t see the map load in squares as it has done in the past. Instead, it will "dynamically draw" the map as you use it. Google lists the following features that come with this functionality:

Google TV Gets Improved Netflix and Remote Apps, Better Movie Search and Screen Sizing
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Today, Google began pushing out its first software update for Google TV. The update fixed a few bugs, and added some other new interesting features. 

Google Finally Releases Google Reader Android App
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Google has finally released an Android app for Google Reader, and as the company acknowledges itself, "It’s been a long time coming." I couldn’t agree more as a user. I already use a bookmark for Google Reader probably more than any app on my phone, so having an actual app for it should be pretty nice. 

Milo Launches Useful Local Product Search Android App
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Milo.com announced a new Android app today for local shopping. The company claims this is the only app available in the Android Market that will search the inventory systems of local stores in real-time and tell shoppers (while they’re on the go) what’s currently in stock , where, and which local stores have the best prices. 

Skype Finally Makes Its Way to Android
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Skype announced that it is now available on a wide range of Android phones (it has been available on some models from Verizon). Users of supported devices can simply go to skype.com/m on their phone to download it or find it in the Android Market. 

Google Adds Features to Car Home for Android

Google has released a new version of Car Home for Android, aimed at making customization easier and information retrieval faster. Users can customize shortcuts for one-touch access to apps and info on the phone. You can now also set your own wallpaper for the app and customize the color of the shortcut icons.