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Genealogy Subscription Sites: Worth The Cost?

If you want to know more about your family’s history and where you came from, you may enjoy genealogy. Genealogy involves searching historical records and family stories to find out more about your ancestry. The Internet has made it easier …

Genealogy: 3 Reasons You Should Try It

Genealogy is a popular hobby that many people enjoy. It is also a great way to learn about your family history and your ancestors. While millions of people enjoy genealogy, not everyone is willing to give it a try. Some …

Genealogy: A Sense Of Self And The Past
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Genealogy, which is a search for “family history” has been around for centuries. Knowing where you came from can be a link to your past, present and future. A search for your “family tree” can be a fun, interesting journey …

New Media Gives Our Kids A History We Never Had
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Think about what you know about your great, and great great grandparents. Unless they were famous for something, chances are what you know about them is limited to what your eldest relatives can tell you and, if your lucky, there’s documentation of some kind, somewhere, perhaps decaying in a trunk stored in a decaying attic.