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American Flag Desecration Leads to Charges

A Blair County, Pennsylvania man was charged with desecration and insults to the flag after spray painting an American flag with the letters “AIM” and hanging it upside down outside his home. Neighbors and passersby were offended by the display, and contacted local police. Allegheny Township police Assistant Chief L.J. Berg arrived to the scene, removed the flag, and commented, …

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American Flags That Aren’t American? Oops.

How many people pride themselves on being “flag-waving” Americans? Some citizens own flags which they raise and lower proudly in their front yards. Even if individuals don’t consider themselves all that patriotic, it’s still pretty common to buy a flag on July 4th, the nation’s birthday and a popular US holiday. What many well-meaning flag buyers don’t know is that …

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Todd Lodwick Elected As American Flag Bearer For Sochi Games

Avid Nordic sports skiier, Todd Lodwick, was chosen on Wednesday by fellow Olympian colleagues to carry the United States flag during the opening ceremonies on Friday. As America’s first Olympian to compete in six Winter Games (yes, he has participated in six games!), the 37-year-old has so many achievements under his belt, so it’s no surprise that the nation’s most successful …

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Obama American Flag Angers Veterans

We get flag stories a lot. From people getting evicted for displaying a flag in their apartment window in Oregon, to veterans forcibly taking down a Mexican flag flying higher than an American flag in Nevada. Now tempers are flaring in Florida over a version of the American flag flying in Lake County. A veterans group says the flag is …

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