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Unruly Passenger Starts A Fight On American Airlines Flight 1284, Troublemaker Identified

An American Airlines flight from Miami to Chicago made an emergency landing in Indianapolis on Monday after an unruly passenger hit two officers on the plane, reports said. American Airlines flight from Miami to Chicago diverted to Indianapolis for unruly passenger — ABC 7 Chicago (@ABC7Chicago) September 14, 2015 An unruly woman’s attacks on a plane headed to …

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Jamaica Crash Landing Caused by Pilot Error

The investigation of a Jamaican plane crash that occurred almost five years ago has cited a botched landing coupled with pilot fatigue as being the cause of the incident which seriously injured fourteen passengers. On Dec. 22, 2009, an American Airlines Boeing 737-829 overshot a rain-soaked landing strip at Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, Jamaica, and split into segments. …

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American Airlines Terror Threat: Dutch Teen Arrested

There has been a new twist in the story of a 14-year-old who tweeted a terroristic threat to American Airlines on Sunday. It has been reported that the teen responsible has been arrested and taken into custody. In a statement to Business Insider, Dutch police spokesman Wessel Stole said that law enforcement officials were not able to “communicate any state …

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American Airlines Reports Teen’s Terroristic Tweet

There are few things in this world that are quite as annoying as spoiled teenagers attempting to troll about non-laughing matters. No matter how hard these clueless youngsters try, the reality of terrorism in a post-9/11 world is never going to be funny to anyone with any kind of sense. Especially when the company you choose to send your threat …

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Galaxy Note Chosen for American Airlines Flight Attendants

Apple may have won the fight for the cockpit, but Samsung has gotten its devices into the hands of flight attendants. American Airlines this week announced that their flight attendants will begin using the Samsung Galaxy Note later this year to keep tabs on passengers. Using the devices, flight attendants will be able to access a customer’s name, seat number, …

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Glenn Beck Boycott: American Airlines In The Hotseat

Glenn Beck isn’t known for keeping his opinions to himself, so when he’s unhappy with a service, the people in charge are going to know about it. Beck says he was treated rudely on an American Airlines flight recently just because of who he is, and that the flight attendant refused to open his drink for him or speak politely …

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American Airlines Attendant Has Premonition

An American Airlines flight attendant had to be subdued and removed from a plane at Dallas Fort/worth airport as the flight attempted to depart for Chicago earlier today. Reports are not exactly clear about what happened, but it appears she was determined to get out a message about the plane crashing due to to a malfunction or terrorism or something …

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Alec Baldwin, American Airlines, & Words With Friends-gate

If you’ve ever sampled the wonderful nectar that is Words With Friends you are likely aware of how addicting the game can be. Actor and Very Public Tweeter Alec Baldin has experienced this. In fact, so compelling was the need to play Words With Friends that Baldwin defied American Airlines yesterday and refused to stop playing during his flight’s take-off. …

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American Launches Mobile Sweepstakes To Promote Android App

American Airlines said today it is launching the “Mobile Million Sweepstakes” to promote the recent release of its Android application. The sweepstakes will give one grand-prize winner a million American Airlines AAdvantage miles. In addition American will give away one Barnes & Noble Nook Color for 30 days to 30 people, for downloading the free app. The sweepstakes runs through …

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American Airlines Launches Android App

American Airlines has launched a mobile app for Android user aimed at improving its customers travel experience.

The American Airlines Android app allows users to check in for flights; receive gate, seat and flight status information; view terminal maps; and provides a number of other functions, including the ability to:

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Frequent Flyers Want Wi-Fi

Frequent flyers say staying connected via Wi-Fi is their top priority when traveling, according to a new survey by American Airlines and HP.

Nearly half (47%) of business travelers said Wi-Fi was the most important airport amenity, outscoring basic travel needs such as food by nearly 30 percent.

"We know that our business customers rely on technology to be as productive as possible while on the road," said Manuel de Oyarzabal, Director – Customer Research at American Airlines.

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American Expands In-Flight Internet Service

American Airlines announced today that it is expanding its Gogo in-flight Internet service to more than 300 domestic aircraft over the next two years.

American first launched the in-flight Internet service last August on 15 Boeing 767-200 aircraft on nonstop flights between New York JFK and San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami.

American says it will install the Aircell system on its MD-80 and Boeing 737-800 aircraft fleets, beginning with 150 MD-80 aircraft this year.

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Yahoo Sued By American Airlines

Poor Yahoo.  As we all know, the company’s facing quite a few problems – a shrinking stock price, a skeptical Department of Justice, and so on – and now it’s been made the defendant in a trademark infringement case filed by American Airlines.

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American Airlines Drops Google Lawsuit

The use of competitor keywords had American flying into the courtroom, but both sides taxied out with a quiet and confidential settlement.

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American Airlines Testing In-Flight Broadband

American Airlines will begin testing in-flight broadband today on a flight between New York and Los Angeles.

American has partnered with technology provider Aircell to offer the service. A larger test on flights between New York and San Francisco and between New York and Miami will be in the coming weeks. The airline may also expand the service beyond its Boeing 767-200 planes.

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Aircell Gets Approval For In-Flight Broadband

Aircell has received two important approvals from the FAA that will allow the company to offer its in-flight mobile broadband on U.S. domestic flights.

The first approval is a Supplemental Type Certificate, permitting installation and operation of Aircell’s in-flight mobile broadband on commercially operated Boeing 767-200 planes. The second approval is a Parts Manufacture Approval that allows for the manufacturing of aircraft parts at the company’s Bensenville, IL. facility.

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American Airlines Tests In-Flight WiFi

On the long list of things that airplanes lack, the average person might rank short flight times, overall comfort, and decent food as being much more important than Internet access.  We’ll have to take what we can get,American Airlines Tests In-Flight WiFi though, and thanks to some 767 testing, a lot of American Airlines’s customers may be able to get that access.

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American Airlines To Test In-Flight Internet Service

American Airlines says it will begin testing in-flight Internet access next year on its Boeing 767-200 aircraft.

The carrier will use AirCell’s broadband Internet service on planes that primarily fly transcontinental routes. AirCell Chief Executive Jack Blumenstein said the company can provide Internet access for about $10 per user.

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In Flight Internet Becoming More Popular

Two months ago, we reported that Alaska Air would be the first U.S. airline carrier to test satellite Internet access on their flights. Now, several other airlines have followed suit—but it looks like they might beat Alaska Airlines to the punch.

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American Airlines Suit Against Google Stands

Google wanted a lawsuit by American Airlines over the search engine’s advertising practices dismissed, but a federal judge denied the motion.

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The Legal Liability of Keyword Metatags?

Nobody really debates too much about keyword metatags anymore. Google and MSN ignore them, Yahoo and Ask don’t, but go stuffing them or you risk search engine penalties. But rarely does anybody bring up the legal liabilities of what’s in your keyword tags.

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American Airlines Sues Google

American Airlines Sues Google Over Keyword Ads reports Eric Goldman.

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American Airlines Jets Google To Court

The whole keyword-advertising-violates-our-trademark debate has been brought to court more than once and more than once has been unsuccessful. American Airlines, though, is perhaps the largest company to make the claim, filing a trademark violation suit against Google.

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Wireless Access Coming To The Skies

The FCC has long fought the airline industry over providing cellular access in flights, but their stamp of approval for in-flight WiFi has yielded a product announcement for this service.

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Personalize, Don’t Pander, With Unique Content

Everyone likes to feel special, but feeling singled out is a different thing entirely.  Several companies seem to have failed to make that distinction in recent days, and now IAC/Ask, Acclaim, and American Airlines are paying the price for it in the public’s eye.

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American Airlines Wants Google to Reveal User Info

According to The Mercury News, American Airlines wants Google to reveal the identity of the person who uploaded a copyrighted video to Google Video.

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