American Flags That Aren’t American? Oops.

American Flags That Aren’t American? Oops.

By Toni Matthews-El February 26, 2014

How many people pride themselves on being “flag-waving” Americans? Some citizens own flags which they raise and lower proudly in their front yards. Even if individuals don’t consider themselves all that patriotic, it’s still pretty common to buy a flag …

Assassin's Creed III Gets A Trailer Of Independence Assassin's Creed III Gets A Trailer Of Independence
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Wednesday is July 4, the day Americans set aside to celebrate their independence by shooting fireworks made in China and eating hamburgers prepared in Canada. To commemorate the occasion, Ubisoft has released a new trailer for Assassin’s Creed III. It’s …

America: Where Innovation Goes to Die America: Where Innovation Goes to Die

Plain and simple, the patent system in the United States is a nightmare. You can hardly so much as sneeze anymore without some idiot troll accusing you of infringing upon his patent for violently expiring air through all facial cavities …

Federal Government Outlines Plans To Go Mobile Federal Government Outlines Plans To Go Mobile

Finally the federal government is not the last one to grab onto the newest trends in technology. Yesterday the White House unveiled its new plan to integrate cutting-edge technology into the way they reach citizens and overcome governing obstacles. The …

Obama American Flag Angers South Jersey Residents Obama American Flag Angers South Jersey Residents

The Obama American flag is apparently on tour with people bound and determined to anger as many people as possible by desecrating the American flag. This time it is in the South Jersey area near Philadelphia. Wes Kennedy, of the …

The Internet Has Turned Us All Into Jerks The Internet Has Turned Us All Into Jerks

The Internet sure is great, isn’t it? It allows us to conveniently search for information, shop and be entertained all from the comfort of our homes. That convenience comes with a price – we’re all turning into impatient jerks. Online …

America: Then And Now 1940-2010 [Infographic] America: Then And Now 1940-2010 [Infographic]

A lot has changed in America since 1940 when the United States Census was first taken. We had just began to recover from the great depression, we were about to enter World War II, and Franklin D. Roosevelt was the …

Yahoo’s Best Cities For Dating And Love Yahoo’s Best Cities For Dating And Love
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Dating is a game of chess and love isn’t much different; make all the right moves and “king me”, you’re in love, but then the game continues and for us men, that’s a game we probably won’t win right? So, …

Friends Barred From U.S. Over Twitter Joke Friends Barred From U.S. Over Twitter Joke

Leigh Van Bryan and Emily Bunting got into some trouble recently. Van Bryan had a couple of especially interesting tweets that made Government officials raise their eyebrow. Van Bryan tweeted: “3 weeks today, we’re totally in LA p****** people off …

Fifty Percent Of The US Population Have A Social Media Profile(s)

A new study released today shows that consumer use of social networking web sites is not a youth phenomenon. Apparently now at least half of those living in the United States have social media profiles. While nearly eight in ten teens (78 percent) and 18 to 24s (77 percent) have personal profile pages, almost two-thirds of 25 to 34s (65 percent) and half of 35 to 44s (51 percent) also now have personal profile pages.

Americans Overloaded On The Internet

No wonder I have had this feeling lately that I am always full and the waistline is expanding a bit. It’s all this information and data that I am ingesting on a daily basis. Boy, if only limiting my data intake time would make the waistline go away I’d be there in a heartbeat but I digress. We all know that the average person is taking in more information on a daily basis than ever before but just how much is too much?

The Massive Stats of Online Video

Of course everyone knows that Americans watch a lot of video. Why not, right? We spend a lot of time online and we like to make excuses to not exercise. It’s the perfect storm for YouTube and Hulu and the rest of the video distribution sites of the world. It is somewhat amazing though to see the numbers attached to it, though.

Bank of America Launches Microsite

Bank of America Corp. has launched its "Bank the Way You Live" mircosite today in an effort to attract customers who want to do mobile banking.

Is the Future of Television in Jeopardy?
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“It’s all about power.  Their delight is about screwing somebody,” said Charles Pogue referring to the major studios and production companies in Hollywood and New York. Pogue is a screenwriter, current member of the Writers Guild of America, and former member of the Board of Directors for the WGA. 

Yahoo Launches Social Site For College Grads
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Due to the arrival of OpenSocial, it felt like social networking had reached a new stage of development; Facebook stood alone, but other companies began to march under a single flag.  Now, however, there’s another “loose” contender called Kickstart.

Newspaper Websites Are Booming

The Newspaper Association of America said 59.6 million people visited newspaper Web sites in July 2007, a 9 percent increase over the same period a year ago.

Bank Of America Launches Social Network
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Bank of America is moving into the social networking territory and has launched a site focused on helping small business owners.