Yahoo’s Best Cities For Dating And Love

Dating is a game of chess and love isn’t much different; make all the right moves and “king me”, you’re in love, but then the game continues and for us men, that’s a game...
Yahoo’s Best Cities For Dating And Love
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  • Dating is a game of chess and love isn’t much different; make all the right moves and “king me”, you’re in love, but then the game continues and for us men, that’s a game we probably won’t win right?

    So, you say you’re single and on the prowl for a new beau or suitor, but you just keep striking out date after date. Well, Yahoo has your answer for the best cities in America to find that special someone or that, God forbid, one-night-stand.

    Austin, Texas is known for its eclectic music scene with everything from country to folk, metal to jazz, Austin is the city for all you music aficionados. If you’re looking for singles in Austin, you’re in luck because they make up over half of the Austin community.

    Boston, Massachusetts is town for all you young college love-seekers. It’s a town brimming with young college aged people eager to date and fall in love. There are plenty of places to take a person, from pubs to music venues, it’s a melting pot of potential activities.

    Chicago, Illinois is Another huge music city, but also, you have a large city full of life and comedy. Chicago is one of the top places to find comedy clubs, theaters and other entertainment venues. If you want a lady or a fellow with whom you can laugh, this is the place you want to visit.

    Miami, Florida; The hottest beaches, clubs and people you can find. If you’re a party person or a beach bum, this is your destination. Club-goers and beach hoppers alike can get along in this tropic environment full of singles that are ready to mingle.

    New Orleans, Louisiana, the classy french modeled town. New Orleans is a great looking town aesthetically by day, but come night fall it’s alive with action from jazz clubs to dance halls, party hot-spots to romantic views. So if you’re looking for a classy by day, crazy by night partner, look no further.

    New York City, New York; the city that never sleeps; they say that for a reason. This place is non-stop hopping 24-7. Awesome fashion boutiques and sushi bars in the day time, happening night clubs in the dark, this is truly the city that never sleeps. So, if you’re searching for that fashion trendy, party-hardy partner, take a bite out of this big apple.

    Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona. This is the place for all you adventure buffs out there. This place is prime to go hiking and desert trekking for days, but don’t stay gone in the wilds for too long because the twin cities offer great nightlife and spectacular restaurants. Find yourself an adventure loving soulmate here.

    San Diego, California. From surfing to swimming, muscle beaches to sun tanning, this is another great town for all the pretty people out there. Great, sandy beaches and delicious eats all day and all night. For all you six-pack ab sporting men and blonde-haired voluptuous women out there looking for love, you may want to try this hot-spot.

    San Francisco, California is a great place for the folks with an appetite for culture. Brimming with great museums, theaters and beautiful scenery, this is a spectacular place for those adults looking for someone grown and cultured.

    Seattle, Washington is an awesome spot for all the coffee freaks out there. Seattle is another good place for culture and just all-around good feeling. From excellant wineries to choice fish markets, Seattle offers great adult tastes to those searching for something real.

    So, you say you don’t like these places at all and you want to travel elsewhere. The Daily Beast did a similar report comparing different cites using statistics from the various locations. Their article has a few of the same cities, but they include a larger list of towns to “find love”. While Yahoo only lists their top ten, TDB lists 25 cities with interesting data and statistics to confirm their findings. Take for example, number 13 on their list, Richmond Virginia, data analysis says that 69% of the population is single men, while 71% consists of single women. The average salary of single folks in particular is a little over 30,000 dollars per year. You can take out a date pretty cheap with average ticket prices being just under 10 bucks and they give the city a “well-being” score of nearly 67%. You can see all the data and info in the link.

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