AMD Articles

AMD Introduces 64-bit Mobility

Today, AMD introduced their AMD Turion 64 processing technology to the mobile environment, promising enhanced security and compatibility with the latest wireless technology.

AMD Gives High-End Embedded Designers New Options for Opteron

AMD announced a program that offers an extended product life cycle to support system designers in the high-end, high-performance embedded market with the AMD Opteron processor.

AMD Releases Development Board for Geode NX

AMD released the first development board designed for the AMD Geode NX processor family, featuring the Mini-ITX form factor and a specialized Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) chipset.

AMD Snubbed By Dell Again

Recently, Advanced Micro Devices, chief competitor to Intel regarding microprocessors, has been in talks with Dell recently to start selling PCs featuring AMD processors.

AMD’s Dual-Core Athlon 64

AMD has demonstrated its dual core Athlon 64 processor as a reminder that the company already has a 64-bit processor range.

AMD Launches Updated Opteron Processors

Advanced Micro Devices, chief competitor to Intel, yesterday announced the release of new Opteron processor chips, designed to be used in server environments.

AMD Officially Announces Mobile Processor Turion

Looking to compete Intel’s Pentium-M mobile chip, AMD has introduced its Turion processor, a 64-bit chip designed for mobile-based technologies.

AMD Suffers Memory Loss

After warning of lower profits due to declining sales of its memory products, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) shares fell 20%.

AMD Focuses On Portable Media Players

Advanced Micro Devices has developed a low-power chip that may make portable video players more compelling by reducing the time necessary to transfer content to the devices.

IBM and AMD Develop Strained Silicon Transistor Technology

AMD and IBM have developed a new strained silicon transistor technology aimed at improving processor performance and power efficiency.

Personal Internet Communicator Device Introduced by AMD

AMD and VSNL launched the Personal Internet Communicator (PIC), a high-quality, affordable, and easy-to-use, consumer device that will help provide managed Internet access to first time technology users.

AMD claims Intel chipsets cause system crashes

CHIP FIRM AMD has quietly dissed its much bigger competitor Intel by claiming that the latter’s 845G/GL chipset crashes peoples’ machines. According to a competitive notice on its website, aimed at its resellers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Intel’s “extreme graphics” technology “struggles and even fails” to run some popular software packages.