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Amazon Says Their App Store Is Best For Developers

Did you hear? The Kindle Fire is officially sold out for good. That must mean that a Kindle Fire 2 announcement is imminent. Amazon saw great success with the hardware, but they want you to know that the apps are where it’s really at. Amazon announced that the Amazon App Store has facilitated the purchase and download of hundreds of …

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Amazon App Store Going International

The Amazon App Store has been one of the most successful ventures for the company to date. It’s already proven to be more profitable than Google’s own Play distribution platform. The only thing really holding it back is that it’s only available in the U.S. Amazon is changing that this summer. Amazon announced today that they are now accepting apps …

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Android App Developers Like Action Movies [Infographic]

Android development has had a rough time of it over the past few weeks. There’s been reports of developers jumping ship and just losing interest in the platform. All this information has come from surveys that looked into developer interest at the most basic level. Where is the in depth survey that looks into device brands, platforms and even favorite …

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