Android App Developers Like Action Movies [Infographic]

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Android development has had a rough time of it over the past few weeks. There's been reports of developers jumping ship and just losing interest in the platform. All this information has come from surveys that looked into developer interest at the most basic level. Where is the in depth survey that looks into device brands, platforms and even favorite movies?

A new infographic from Startapp seeks to answer these very questions and more. The infographic contains the results from a survey that looked into the habits of Android developers. The results are fascinating as it paints a much brighter picture than what previous surveys have.

The first and most important result from the survey is that the majority of Android developers are independent. This is further confirmed by the results that say the majority of Android development "companies" are staffed by a single person. With these kind of numbers, the amount of apps published by each developer must be pretty low, but surprisingly it's not. Fifty-two percent of developers have published six to nine apps so far which is offset with 32 percent of them still working on their first app.

A recent study found that the Amazon Appstore makes more money than the Google Play store. This survey seems to confirm that finding with 66 percent of developers publishing to the Amazon Appstore alongside the Google Play store.

Of course, many Android app developers also make apps for other platforms. While Android is still the number one platform these developers at 62 percent, 37 percent of Android developers also develop for iOS. Even though iPhone development is second to Android developers, it's third in terms of the devices they own. Fifty-three percent of Android developers own a Samsung device while 22 percent own an HTC device.

By far, the most interesting find from this survey is the kind of movies, music and sports Android developers enjoy. It's found that Android developers overwhelmingly prefer action movies more than any other genre. As for music, rock and pop are almost tied with one percentage point separating them. As for sports, soccer and basketball take the top spot with “Other” at a close second. What is “Other?” I don’t know, but I really hope it’s something like Curling.

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