Snapchat Is Apparently Worth $10 Billion

Snapchat Is Apparently Worth $10 Billion

By Josh Wolford July 30, 2014

Snapchat has been reported as the fastest-growing social app. It’s inspired an absolutely pointless ripoff from a huge international company. It’s so popular among teens that it’s making them lose their frickin’ minds. But is it really worth $10 billion? …

Alibaba Launches Search Engine Aliyun Alibaba Launches Search Engine Aliyun

Alibaba has launched a new search engine called Aliyun, which makes use of the same brand as its mobile operating system. Both are actually operated by an Alibaba subsidiary, AliCloud. Google and Alibaba had a bit of a beef last …

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma To Leave Post Alibaba CEO Jack Ma To Leave Post

Jack Ma, founder and CEO of Chinese ecommerce powerhouse Alibaba, will soon shed his CEO title, though he will remain executive chairman, and focus on strategic direction of the company, which he founded in 1999. Ma sent a letter around …

Alibaba Hits Huge $157b Annual Sales Milestone Alibaba Hits Huge $157b Annual Sales Milestone
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Alibaba announced today that its sites Tmall and Taobao Marketplace have combined to surpass RMB one trillion in annual sales, which is roughly equal to $157 billion. It’s not as much as Walmart, but for e-commerce, it’s pretty huge. The …

Alibaba Closes Deal With Yahoo Worth $7.6 Billion Alibaba Closes Deal With Yahoo Worth $7.6 Billion

Alibaba has closed the initial repurchase of shares from Yahoo and restructured its relationship with the company in a set of transactions valued at $7.6 billion. The two companies announced the plan back in May, which would see Yahoo reduce …

Google And Alibaba Have Android Beef Google And Alibaba Have Android Beef
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Acer was set to unveil a new smartphone last week, but the launch was reportedly postponed after Google expressed concerns with the operating system, developed by Alibaba, and apparently based upon Android. Google has always painted Android as an open …

Yahoo and Alibaba Make Stock Deal Official Yahoo and Alibaba Make Stock Deal Official

Remember the $7 billion deal we were talking about on Friday with Yahoo and Chinese-based Alibaba? Well, they are making it official. Yahoo has agreed to sell off its shares of the Alibaba empire. A majority will be purchased back …

Yahoo and Alibaba Come to a Compromise Over Shares Yahoo and Alibaba Come to a Compromise Over Shares

Before Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson offered his resignation at Yahoo he visited China several times and met with Alibaba CEO Jack Ma. The two CEOs along with Yahoo’s CFO Tim Morse and legal head Mike Callahan were working out a …

Yahoo Inc. Selling Shares to Alibaba Yahoo Inc. Selling Shares to Alibaba

Alibaba, China’s largest online business-to-business trading platform, posted Q1 2012 profits of $53.8 million, though Yahoo Inc. is looking to sell a large portion of its shares with the company. Yahoo bought a 40% stake in the platform in 2005, …

PayPal Looking To China And India PayPal Looking To China And India

PayPal is one of the largest names in the online payment industry. It makes it super easy to make online transactions across national borders. Making the transactions with other people within your borders is a bit trickier if you happen …

Alibaba CEO and COO Step Down
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According to reports, Alibaba CEO David Wei and COO Elvis Lee have both resigned, following findings of fraudulent activity among thousands of sellers.

Neither executive was found to be actually involved in the fraud, but the company found a significant increase in claims against particular sellers over the last year.

Bing-Alibaba Relationship Stumbles In China

It looks like Microsoft isn’t going to defy Google and Baidu and achieve a great victory in China anytime soon.  Three and a half months after it began, a partnership involving Bing and a search engine owned by Alibaba has already ended.

To be fair, little is known about the situation, and it could have been someone at Microsoft who pulled the plug.  The comments of one Microsoft representative hint that a corporate memo didn’t exactly go around, however.

Alibaba Makes Major Logistics Investments in Chinese Market

Alibaba announced plans to build a network of warehouses across China, and drive major investment in logistics in that country, with the aim of allowing merchants to meet growing domestic consumption. 

Google Slides To Third Place In Chinese Online Ad Market

It’s a pretty well-known fact that Baidu’s beaten Google in China, and all of Google’s efforts to reverse that fact haven’t accomplished much.  Unfortunately for the company, those efforts also failed to hold off another rival, as a new report puts Alibaba ahead of Google in the online ad market.

Inside the Google Phonebooth, Apple Refuses to Show “Green” Rank

Today seems to be redesign day. Digg began rolling out its new redesign to all users (follow us here). MySpace introduced a redesign to profiles. In addition to these, UStream unveiled its own redesign with changes to the homepage as well as the dashboard.

Alibaba Buys Vendio, Gains 80,000 eBay, Amazon Sellers
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Alibaba.com has announced its acquisition of Vendio, a multi-channel e-commerce company offering solutions for small businesses that let them sell through channels such as eBay, Amazon, and their own Vendio-supported stores.

Through the acquisition, Alibaba is gaining access to over 80,000 targeted small businesses in the U.S. and can direct them to Alibaba’s own Aliexpress wholesale transaction platform.

Taobao And Yahoo Japan Partner On Ecommerce
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China’s top ecommerce website Taobao and Yahoo Japan have partnered to launch two online platforms to cross sell in each other’s markets.

The partnership will allow Yahoo Japan merchants to list some eight million items in a Chinese-language TaoJapan section.

Taobao, a subsidiary of ecommerce firm Alibaba group, will offer 50 million products from China to Japanese consumers on Yahoo Japan’s China Mall. The two platforms will launch on June 1.