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New Hitman: Absolution Trailer Shows “Living, Breathing World”

Square Enix and IO Interactive today released the latest Hitman: Absolution trailer. This one highlights the non-player characters (NPCs) found in the game, and how they can help Agent 47 eliminate his targets. One of the most difficult things for any game to do is provide believable characters who react to player actions. It’s difficult because it’s not possible for …

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Live-Action Hitman Short is Better Than the Trailers

Now that Assassin’s Creed III has been released, Square Enix and IO Interactive only have Ubisoft’s other fall title, Far Cry 3, to compete with when it comes to setting the record for most trailers and behind-the-scenes shorts released online before a game’s release. In addition to this week’s trailer highlighting the music and dialogue direction in Hitman: Absolution, Square …

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New Hitman: Absolution Trailer Shows Goofy Disguises

The last trailer Square Enix released for the upcoming Hitman: Absolution showed many of the methods Agent 47 can use to eliminate his targets. Today, the newest Absolution trailer focuses on the methods 47 will use to blend into his surroundings. Disguises have long been a part of the Hitman franchise, but Absolution appears to be taking its costumes over-the-top. …

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Hitman: Absolution “Tools of the Trade” Trailer Released

Square Enix has been releasing plenty of trailers for Hitman: Absolution, mostly ones detailing the various enemies in the game. Today’s new Hitman trailer, though, is about something a little more more important than good-old-boy weapons barons or sexy, leather-clad nuns. The latest trailer delves into the topic of what tools players will use to accomplish their goals in the …

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