Live-Action Hitman Short is Better Than the Trailers

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Now that Assassin's Creed III has been released, Square Enix and IO Interactive only have Ubisoft's other fall title, Far Cry 3, to compete with when it comes to setting the record for most trailers and behind-the-scenes shorts released online before a game's release.

In addition to this week's trailer highlighting the music and dialogue direction in Hitman: Absolution, Square and IO hired YouTube sensation Freddie Wong (freddiew) to create a live-action Hitman short. In the video, Agent 47 disguises himself as an audio guy for a porn shoot. Saying any more would be spoilers, but it's easy to guess that this job isn't 47's most stealthy kill.

The short also manage to keep with the 70s exploitation movie feel that IO has been going for with Hitman: Absolution. And, as with most freddiew videos, this one is craftily produced an features some excellent action and effects.

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