Giant Anteaters Kill Two Hunters In Brazil

Giant Anteaters Kill Two Hunters In Brazil

By Chris Tepedino July 27, 2014

Giant anteaters in Brazil killed two hunters in separate incidents, according to a research paper released online that will be published in Wilderness and Environmental Medicine this December. Giant anteaters, which have been described as long-nosed, hairy mammals, are not …

“Bad” Internet Words Include Blog, Wiki

A new study has found that the words “blog” and “wiki” tend to make people upset, as do “cookie” and “netiquette.”  To be honest, I’m not sure what we – the owners of blogs, the users of wikis – are supposed to do with this information.  But there you have it.

Yahoo Japan Deselects Sony

As far as Yahoo Japan is concerned, Sony’s out and Apple’s in.  The iTunes Store will now serve as Yahoo Japan’s primary music seller.

Sony Out, iTunes In
Sony Out, iTunes In
French Channel May Join YouTube Europe

I think pretty much everyone is aware of Britain’s BBC, but France Televisions, a public national television broadcaster, may not be as well-known in America.  Now France Televisions is in talks to join the European version of YouTube, though, so perhaps its profile will rise.

Google and AFP Agreement

Huh? AFP and Google are friends again. As you may remember, AFP – Agence France-Presse, who employ 1,000s of journalists, and who have been caught plagiarizing Wikipediasued Google over the use of their headlines and thumbnails in Google News.

AFP Settles Google News Lawsuit

The sweet sound of stacks of Euros being riffled with glee has brought an end to Agence France-Presse’s suit against Google for indexing its stories and photos for Google News.

Google Grabs Polish Poets By the Bards

The only one sounding their barbaric YAWP in the poetry world these days is Google. A Polish writing group – the AFP chunks them all as poets – named Grupa Mlodych Artystow i Literatow, or GMAiL, has been set upon to analyze the finer points of rhetoric from Google’s legal team.

Google Still Has AFP In Its News

Agence France-Presse complained bitterly about its content being retrieved by Google News and asked them to stop doing so; apparently Google is still pulling AFP content into News.

Google Removes AFP Content

Google is apparently backing down from a copyright dispute with Agence France Presse.

AFP’s Dispute with Google Has Unfortunate Results

Search Engine Guide has details of an unfortunate victim of the recent dispute between Google and AFP (a French based news service).

Google Deleting AFP from Google News

According to DMeurope, Google has started removing AFP content from Google News, after the French news agency filed a $17.5m law suit for copyright infringement.

AFP Sues Google

Agnece France Presse announced they would be suing search engine Google for their use of AFP news, images, and headlines without permission.

Google Backs Down in AFP Case

It appears that Google is backing down in the Google News vs Agence France Presse case.

AmericanERP’s AFP Enterprise 2005

Larger retail chains have begun auditing their vendors to ensure they have in place HACCP and the corresponding “prerequisite” programs, including an effective recall program, or one up/one down product traceability, hence eliminating most small- to mid-size food processors from the marketplace.