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Google Launches AdWords Editor 10.6 Google Launches AdWords Editor 10.6

Google announced the launch of the latest update to AdWords Editor Tuesday night: version 10.6. One addition to the offering is the ability to manage Mobile App Installs campaigns. It also lets you create app install ads. More from the …

AdWords Editor 10.5 Now Available AdWords Editor 10.5 Now Available

Google announced the availability of AdWords Editor version 10.5, which lets you download product groups, upload and check changes, make bulk edits, and perform various tasks on Shopping campaigns. You do still have to create your Shopping campaigns and product …

New AdWords Editor Lets You Manage Upgraded Sitelinks New AdWords Editor Lets You Manage Upgraded Sitelinks
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Google announced that the latest version of AdWords Editor is now available for download. This version supports upgraded sitelinks for enhanced campaigns. With the new version, available here, you can view and manage sitelinks and settings. This includes device preference. …

Google’s AdWords Editor Gets an Upgrade
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Google has released a new version of AdWords Editor. That of course means that there are some updates that come with it.

For one, advertisers can now import CSV files.
Users who make changes to their accounts in a spreadsheet or custom application can import their spreadsheet directly into AdWords Editor, then post new or edited items. To import a CSV file:

Google Makes New AdWords Editor Available
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Google has released AdWords Editor version 7.0, a mere two months after 6.5 came out as Barry Schwartz points out at Search Engine Land. Google did not make any major announcements about the release, but just kind of put it out there, and we have not yet seen much in the way of user reactions.

Google AdWords Editor Gets Upgraded To 5.1

Google has announced the release of AdWords Editor 5.1. This new version contains only minor adjustments, but would be quite beneficial for users.

AdWords Editor Beta Opens To All

Google continues an active week of product releases and updates by making its AdWords Editor available to anyone who wants to download a copy.