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Royals Billboard Is Brilliant And Creative

The Kansas City Royals sure know how to promote themselves. Last year the Royals had two billboards, one with James Shields pitching to the partner billboard of Salvador Perez catching the ball – which was ripping the vinyl off the billboard. This year’s billboard showcases outfielder Alex Gordon sliding across the billboard to a base (which base, I don’t know), …

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Microsoft Celebrates Tech In Its Super Bowl Ad

Ever since Apple’s infamous 1984 Super Bowl ad, we’ve never really had a good tech-related ad during the game. Microsoft may have finally done it with its latest. On Sunday night, Microsoft aired a Super Bowl ad called “Empowering.” It stars former NFL player Steve Gleason who now suffers from ALS. Instead of letting it get him down, however, he …

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Google Thinks The New Nexus 7 Will Make Middle School Less Awkward

Did you hear? Google finally unveiled the new Nexus 7 during an event this morning. The successor to last year’s Nexus 7 comes with a number of hardware and software enhancements, but the real benefit comes in the form of making our children’s lives easier. As part of the Nexus 7 reveal, Google shared an ad that shows how the …

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Here’s Microsoft’s Take On The Apple/Android Fanboy Wars

Android fans love to talk trash about Apple fans and vice versa. Unfortunately, we only ever see this conflict from those directly involved. Is there not an outside voice that can give us an unbiased look at just how silly they look? Well, no, but Microsoft tried its hardest in the latest Windows Phone ad. The Nokia Lumia 920 is …

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Should Facebook Use Your Activity As Ads?

In the past few months, you’ve probably seen an increase in “Sponsored Stories” when you’re browsing Facebook. If that term doesn’t ring a bell, Sponsored Stories are basically advertisements, promoted by a brand, based on your activity that you’ve already put out there for the world to see. Let’s say that you posted a status update, checking-in at Starbucks and …

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David Beckham Gets Naked For Super Bowl Sunday

Have you ever wanted to see pro-footballer David Beckham sporting high-end underwear? You’ll have your chance this Sunday during the Super Bowl. Beckham signed on with H&M to provide his ruggish good looks to a new line of underwear sporting his name. The briefs will only cost £7.99 or $12.95. That’s an expensive pair of underwear! They better be as …

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