Microsoft Celebrates Tech In Its Super Bowl Ad

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Ever since Apple’s infamous 1984 Super Bowl ad, we’ve never really had a good tech-related ad during the game. Microsoft may have finally done it with its latest.

On Sunday night, Microsoft aired a Super Bowl ad called “Empowering.” It stars former NFL player Steve Gleason who now suffers from ALS. Instead of letting it get him down, however, he uses a Surface and eye-tracking technology to communicate with those around him. It’s the kind of feel good ad that you might expect during the Super Bowl to help fans calm down after screaming at their televisions for 10 minutes straight.

Microsoft’s ad is more than just selling the Surface though. In fact, it barely features the company’s technology at all. It mostly focuses on the role technology plays in our lives today making the lives of those afflicted with various disabilities much easier. Microsoft may have played a role in the creation of some of these technologies, but it’s nice to see a focus on how technological advancements are making lives better regardless of their origin.

Of course, the cynic will say that this is still a Microsoft ad and it has a job of selling products. That’s certainly true and a point that can’t be argued with. It’s equally important, however, to sometimes disregard cynicism and corporate brand loyalty for just a few seconds to appreciate the fact that we live in an amazing time where people with afflictions that would have meant death only 50 years ago can now live happy and fulfilling lives.

Image via Microsoft/YouTube