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AdSense and Its Relationship to Search Rankings
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Many of the lower quality sites Google targeted with its algorithm update rely on Google AdSense ads for revenue. Many low quality sites have been created over the years just to make AdSense money. Obviously Google knows this, but when some of the big sites often labeled as content farms churn out mass content, there is potentially a lot of money to be made for both that content site and for Google.

Google Adsense Warns On Comment Spam
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I was surprised this week to receive a notification from Google Adsense, claiming my account was in policy violation.

There was no personalised address, just “Hello,” which made me immediately think it was spam.

However, it was sent to an email address I only use for managing Adsense, and the email specifically referenced the URL of one of my websites (which uses a completely different email address).

How to Increase Your AdSense Earnings
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When you are an Adsense publisher, or even if you are just looking to make more money from your hobby website, one of the most important things you can do is experiment with sizes and placement.

Google To Roll Out Changes to Copyright Handling
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Google is making some significant changes to how it handles copyright infringement complaints and piracy that will go into effect over the next several months.

Google says it will act on reliable copyright takedown requests within 24 hours, will prevent terms that are closely associated with piracy from appearing in its Autocomplete feature, will improve its AdSense anti-piracy review, and will experiment to make authorized preview content more readily available in search results. 

Google Initiates Rollout Of New AdSense Interface

Over the next few weeks, the way in which around two million people and organizations make their living (or at least earn additional income) will change. Google announced this morning that it’s rolling out a new AdSense interface for publishers. …

Google Tests Expanded Category Blocking With AdSense
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There are many, many circumstances in which computer-matched ads might not be a good fit.  Imagine if a site for entomologists somehow got stuck with ads for Volkswagen Beetle parts, for example.  Or if a site meant to showcase funny pratfalls was paired with ads for vacations ("trips").  Fortunately, Google’s testing expanded category blocking with AdSense.

The category filtering beta used to offer sites’ owners a way to turn down ads from up to five categories.  It was meant to be used in a rather broad fashion.

Google Extends AdSense Category Blocking to More Languages

Google announced it has expanded its sensitive category blocking feature for AdSense to Japanese, Chinese, Polish, and Portuguese. The goal is to expand it worldwide eventually.

The feature is already available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Arabic (with testing being done for Russian).

Google Makes it Easier to Monetize iPad Apps

Google has launched a new feature for its Mobile for AdSense apps, which lets developers in the U.S. and Canada, who are participating in the beta program, to monetize their iPad apps.

Google Getting Rid of Old Version of AdSense for Search
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Google is retiring the old version of AdSense for Search and telling users to switch to the new version powered by Google Custom Search, which has been offered for a while.

If you see "powered by Google" on the logo on the search results page, then you’re using the old one. In a post on Google’s Inside AdSense blog, Katrina Kurnit writes:

Is Google to Blame for Its Own News Pollution?
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Search Engine Land Editor-in-Chief Danny Sullivan points out how poorly Google handles those gaming Google News, using Google Trends as a starting point.

Do you find Google News to be too heavily polluted? Share your thoughts.

Google Promotes AdSense In Your City Program
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AdSense publishers who live near Boston, Chicago, or New York – or can travel to one of those cities on short notice this summer – should consider filling out an application and maybe packing a bag.  Google’s looking for people to participate in what it calls the AdSense in Your City program.

Google Reveals AdSense Revenue Share, Is it Satisfactory?
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Google has kept its AdSense revenue share numbers a secret for quite some time, but has now decided to disclose them – or at least some of them. They’ve revealed the percentages for AdSense for Content and AdSense for Search, but are remaining mum on some of the other offerings. Still, content and search are the two biggies.

Is Google’s revenue split better or worse than you expected? Let us know.

Will Google’s AdSense be in Trouble Because of Facebook?
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Facebook is infiltrating sites all over the web. These sites are happy to add Facebook’s social plug-ins. What if Facebook launched an AdSense-like product – a product that lets publishers stick relevant ads from Facebook on their sites for a cut of the money?

Google Improves Matching for AdSense Link Units
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Google has rewritten its link unit matching system for AdSense. Link units in AdSense ads display a list of topics that are relevant to the content of the publisher’s page. When a user clicks a topic, Google shows a page of related ads. AdSense publishers can earn from valid user clicks on the ads on this resulting page.

Google Takes Limit Off AdSense Category Filtering

Google has eliminated the limit to how many categories AdSense publishers can filter from their sites. There are 11 categories, and users can filter as many of them as they want.

Google Uses Hours of Search History to Serve Ads
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Google has made some adjustments to how it uses referral URLs for contextual matching of AdSense ads. Google has started expanding the use of query words in referral URLs to a few hours.

Basically what this means is that Google is using user’s search history to determine what ads to show on sites using AdSense. If a user arrives at one AdSense site via a search results page, and then goes to another AdSense site within a few hours, they might see ads based on the referral data from the first one.

Google Lets AdSense Publishers Donate Earnings to Haiti Relief
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Google has launched an AdSense feature that lets AdSense publishers donate their earnings to Haiti earthquake relief efforts.

Keyword Hints Used Now More for AdSense For Domains
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Google announced today that AdSense for Domains is now using optional keyword hints more often. Keyword hints are provided by the user, who enters keywords into a field to assist Google in the targeting of ads for potentially ambiguous domains. Google’s Randy Heath explains:

A Convenient Content Truth
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Big businesses with huge pageviews fueled by Google have emerged in recent years that exist only because of a unique SEO / Adwords relationship with Google. Google gives them a huge presence in the long tail SERPS and they in turn give Google increased revenue by being a Google Adsense partner. Not just any Adsense partner, but a Google partner that turns Google search generated traffic into billions of Adwords clicks totaling tens of billions of dollars. 

Google Changes Wording for AdSense Earnings
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Google announced that it has made some messaging changes in the AdSense interface. The changes concern users’ earnings.

Google has added the words "Estimated" and "Finalized" next to "Earnings" throughout users’ accounts. The company says the move was made to be more transparent. The changes in messaging do not reflect any changes to the way finalized earnings are calculated. The company says they’re simply intended to give users a clearer idea of Google’s estimations of earnings and what is actually finalized.

Google Launches AdSense Product Ideas Page

AdSense is an important fixture in a lot of people’s lives; it can represent anything from spending money (hey, little splurges do the heart good) to what pays the mortgage.  And now, individuals have a chance to shape it more to their liking, as a new Product Ideas for AdSense page has launched.

Try not to get your hopes up; as word spreads and more people contribute ideas, the odds of any one suggestion making it in front of an important Googler will decrease.  Also, there’s no guarantee that any of the recommendations will be implemented.