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Adobe Brings Native Canvas Support To Flash Pro

It’s been said time and time again that HTML5 would replace Flash sooner or later. That may yet happen, but it looks like Adobe isn’t interested in a war. Instead, Flash wants to get along with HTML5 to make both better. Earlier this month, Adobe announced that Flash Professional CC now supports HTML5 canvas. For those unaware, Canvas is the …

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Flash Player 11.7, AIR 3.7 Introduce New Features And Tools

Adobe continues its tireless march of improving its software with new updates being released for both Flash Player and AIR today. First, Flash Player is now up to version 11.7. The latest version introduces better security “through sandboxing enhancements.” The Flash Player team has also fixed “high priority bugs, and issues that were reported by our community and partners.” In …

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Mobile Game Development Is Easy And Profitable (If You’re Lucky)

It seems that everybody is going into mobile game development these days. The traditional console market is shrinking as more and more gamers tire of the same 6-year-old hardware. They’re beginning to look for new experiences that they can’t get anywhere else, and mobile games provide that experience. It’s a huge industry and developers stand to profit from it. A …

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