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Here Are Google’s Top 20 PLA Advertisers Here Are Google’s Top 20 PLA Advertisers
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AdGooroo has released a list of the top 20 advertisers (by impression) using Google product listing ads (PLAs). “Walmart tops the list with 408 million PLA impressions representing 129,381 unique products with 262,588 unique product listing ads,” a spokesperson for …

Report Suggests More Revenue, but Less Advertisers for Google

AdGooroo, a competitive intelligence agency, has released a new report, which indicates that there as has been a decrease in active advertisers for Google, despite projected Q4 gains.

Bing Making Big Advertising Strides
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AdGooroo’s released another search advertising report, and many of the statistics within are predictable; on the whole, they indicate that Google’s doing well and Yahoo’s not.  But some interesting (and mostly positive) changes are taking place with regards to Bing. 

Fresh AdGooroo Stats Point To Yahoo Recovery

AdGooroo’s latest search advertiser report has been released, and it looks like some interesting changes may be taking place.  Namely: Google and Yahoo almost seem to have swapped positions on the impressive-to-iffy spectrum. 

Keyword Suggestion Tools From Google And SEOBook
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Key Differences Among the Most Commonly Used Keyword Suggestion Tools – Part Two

The 800-Pound Gorilla and the New Kid on the Block: Google and SEOBook

Google’s Ads Per Keyword Output In High Gear
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While interpretations of its activity may vary, a new report indicates that Google’s been inarguably busy.  On an international level, the search giant’s ramped things up in a somewhat unprecedented manner, tossing out roughly 38 percent more ads per keyword in November than either Yahoo or Microsoft.

Differences Between the Most Commonly Used Keyword Suggestion Tools
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Rigid, unchanging procedures threaten any business activity. With Internet-enabled and -related enterprises, keeping up with technological progress is absolutely essential to survival. As opposed to static (unchanging) websites that are not looking to strengthen or increase their industry share, any dynamic (changing) website will have new copy, even new strategies, on an ongoing basis. Regular, extensive, ongoing keyword research is not a luxury, but a basic survival tactic.

AdGooroo Paints Microsoft’s Q3 As Excellent

Companies’ third quarter reports will soon be out, and given current economic conditions, what they say will be more important than ever.  AdGooroo indicates that Microsoft might just steal the show with some impressive search and advertising data.

Report: Second Quarter Okay For Yahoo

According to the latest AdGooroo numbers, advertisers weren’t too thrilled with the three major search engines these past few months.  MSN got hammered, Google was hurt, and surprisingly, Yahoo came out on top.