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Adam Carolla Settles Patent Suit With Personal Audio

Comedian and podcaster Adam Carolla has settled a lawsuit with a patent troll called Personal Audio. The suit emerged roughly a year and a half ago, when Personal Audio also sued HowStuffWorks and Togi Entertainment – all over a patent about a “System for disseminating media content representing episodes in a serialized sequence.” TechDirt gets into the patent’s text here, …

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Kevin Costner Performance Supports Veterans

Kevin Costner and his band Modern West performed on Sunday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum for a fundraiser that supports veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The event, held in the Reagan Library’s Air Force One Pavilion, featured comedian Adam Carolla as the emcee. In addition to Costner and his band entertaining, the event featured an …

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Adam Carolla Seeks Crowdfunding for New Movie, Promises Not to Put It All Up His Nose

Adam Carolla is making a new movie, and he doesn’t want to make it without the help of the people. That’s why, like many other filmmakers recently, the often controversial Carolla is turning to crowdfunding to raise the money for his new film. “If you come through for me, I promise less than 20 percent of the budget will go …

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Adam Carolla Lawsuit: Radio Personality Sued By Friend Again

Adam Carolla is now embroiled in another lawsuit being brought against him by the friend who previously brought a lawsuit against the Internet and radio personality. Reuters is reporting that Donny Misraje is suing Carolla for a few pictures included in his memoir “Not Taco Bell Material.” The pictures of Carolla were allegedly taken by Misraje back in the 80s, …

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Eli Roth Thinks About Funding Films With Kickstarter

Director Eli Roth, whose Hemlock Grove was recently released as a Netflix original series, appeared on The Adam Carolla Show to discuss a variety of things. The topic of Kickstarter came up, and it sounds like this might be an avenue Roth could explore for getting films made in the future. Thanksgiving anyone? “This new Kickstarter thing is changing everything,” …

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