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NASA 3D Printer Flying to ISS in 2014

Despite vast cuts to NASA’s budget over the past several years, the space agency still seems to be able to push beyond the boundaries of reality and make science fiction science fact. Just last week, the Mars Curiosity rover was able to find evidence of water on the Red Planet. Now, NASA has announced that it will send a 3D …

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3D Printers Can Make Your Valentine’s Day A Little Sweeter

How do you show your undying love to your significant other on Valentine’s Day? Do you cook a nice meal to enjoy between the both of you? Or do you go out to see a movie? Perhaps you’ll make a 3D printed chocolate model of your face for them to nibble on. Wait, what? Indeed, Japan, the country that essentially …

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Company Uses 3D Printers To Make Incredibly Strong Fasteners

Objet is still at Eurmold 2012, and the company is showing off some of the most impressive 3D printed work to come out of its line of industrial printers. Today’s creations are sets of fasteners and connectors created by Rotite, a company that specializes in modular fixing technology. The company created prototypes on an Objet Connex500 that are already proving …

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Objet Announces Its Largest 3D Printer Yet

Objet, maker of fine 3D printers, is at Euromold 2012 this week to show off its latest innovations in 3D printing. The company started off big with the announcement of the Objet1000, it’s largest 3D printer yet. The Objet1000‘s name already indicates that it must be pretty big, but the 1000 in its name is the actual build volume of …

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Virginia Tech Gets A 3D Printer Vending Machine

Futurists often depict a world where anything and everything can be immediately obtained from easy to use machines. It’s as simple as a machine beaming in particles and rearranging them into a physical object that one can interact with. It may not be the same thing, but Virginia Tech has a new machine that’s awfully close. It’s called the Dream …

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LEGO And Duplo Can Finally Play Together

I loved LEGO as a kid, and I still love the big Star Wars sets that they release today. I was never really into the other toys, but some of my friends were. It would would have been awesome if we could have used my LEGO sets and their Duplo or Lincoln Log sets together. If 3D printers didn’t cost …

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